1. Critical Songs: Tales Of The Boom Box Volume 1
    Small Folk

  2. Dragon Prince: What We Do Makes Who We Are
    Small Folk

  3. Passion Project: 10 Sad Songs From 2016
    Madison Minor

  4. A Girl Worth Time Travelling For
    Small Folk

  5. Lord Of The Rings Versus Harry Potter
    Small Folk

  6. Harry Potter & The Dangers Of Being A Hero
    Small Folk

  7. Stranger Songs Vol. 1
    Small Folk

  8. Voltron: Rainbow Machines
    Madison Minor

  9. She Sings Songs

  10. You Wanted This
    Madison Minor

  11. Racing The Clouds: Castle On The Hill Parody
    Small Folk

  12. Midas Punch
    Madison Minor

  13. If I Owned A Bakery
    Small Folk

  14. Always
    Small Folk

  15. Burial In C
    Madison Minor

  16. STARWARS Speedrun EP
    Madison Minor

  17. Dragons!
    Small Folk

  18. RWBY: I'd Rather Lose You Than Never See You Again

  19. RWBY: I Miss The Days When Our Biggest Problems Were Each Other

  20. RWBY: We've All Lost Something

  21. RWBY: RTX Sydney 2017 EP

  22. RWBY: If There Was A Moment, I Guess We Missed It

  23. RWBY: I'm Having Trouble Letting Go

  24. RWBY: Songs About Pyrrha

  25. RWBY: Songs About Pyrrha LIVE

  26. 3 Electric Dragons
    Madison Minor

  27. With Our Own Hands EP
    Madison Minor

  28. The Not So Evil Robot EP
    Madison Minor

  29. Infinite Shape
    Madison Minor

  30. Avatar: Campfire Songs
    Small Folk

  31. Avatar: Past & Present Troubles
    Small Folk

  32. Closer Than The Words
    Dearest Raven

  33. The Do & Do Not Deserves [WIP/DEMO]

  34. What's Good For The Goose [WIP/Demo]

  35. RWBY: Chapter, Verse & Page [WIP/Demo]

  36. RWBY: I've Never Wanted Anything As Much As I Want You To Understand [WIP/Demo]

  37. RWBY: Saving You & All Your Friends Feat. Gemma Horn [WIP/Demo]

  38. RWBY: Hurting Everyone [WIP/Demo]

  39. Losing Sight LIVE & ACOUSTIC
    Small Folk

  40. Dry Those Silver Eyes LIVE & ACOUSTIC

  41. One Of The Two LIVE & ACOUSTIC

  42. Expect A Miracle LIVE & ACOUSTIC

  43. What A Pair! Feat. Stephanie McAulay LIVE & ACOUSTIC

  44. The View From The Roof Is Better With You LIVE & ACOUSTIC

  45. No One Could Be My You LIVE & ACOUSTIC

  46. Counting Limbs, Three LIVE & ACOUSTIC

  47. Honestly, Honestly LIVE & ACOUSTIC

  48. RTX Sydney 2.0: Air Conditioning DLC EP

  49. RT Podcast EP

  50. The Girl Next Door Is A Super Hero EP

  51. Tall Folk
    Small Folk

  52. boyonastring light ep

  53. boyonastring medium ep

  54. boyonastring heavy ep

  55. Collaborations
    I Built The Sky & boyonastring

  56. Funhaus: Early Access EP

  57. Funhaus: Screaming & Scrobbles

  58. All Acoustic. All The Time.

  59. RvB: Resung (Part 1)

  60. RvB: Resung (Part 2)

  61. RvB: B Sides, Rarities & Rejects

  62. Achievement Jams (Part 1)

  63. Achievement Jams (Part 2)

  64. Achievement Jams (Part 3) {Bonus Tracks}

  65. Tell Tales/Standing Stones A

  66. Tell Tales/Standing Stones B

  67. Every Time You Take My Breath Away (In Halo Multiplayer)

  68. Dotted Eyes & Crossed Teeth

  69. Short Songs For Short Tempers

  70. Factories Making Factories
    New Jerusalem Project


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