Achievement Jams (Part 3) {Bonus Tracks}

by boyonastring

VERSE 1: Our clever band of outlaw boys Are planning heists and clever ploys A bounty of convenience store But of the plan, no one is sure The setup comes, the team prepares The trap is set, and no one cares 911, the plan is go Come firetrucks and lots of smoke CHORUS 1: The Heist is on The chase is on VERSE 2: Running out of options now The boys have glacked and bipped and gloughed The strong arm of the Law reached out And ended them upon their route There's no way in, and no way out Failure is likely, there's no doubt The bounty that they planned they'd have Is non existent, thanks to Gav CHORUS 2: The Heist is off The chase is done
VERSE 1: So what if the internet hates you? Tries to berate you Its not too late to Send you joy in this lyrical break through From Machu Pichu It's gonna reach you So what if the internet hates you? You got a sweet tooth You worked the con booth Produced that show with the guy who looks like Burnie Sticks and stones man, Comments can't hurt him CHORUS: You want to mess with the Dragonface? VERSE 2: So what if the internet hates you? It aggravates you It comes from Ray too Dragonface in the space with the whole crew No game of kung shoe He ain't a recruit He's like a glove and he fits in with everyone He gets the job done, he's up for more fun GTA with the Tug4life, He ain't a ring in, he ain't a rewrite
INTRO: Peek and sneak a look at their screens A very specific way you can cheat VERSE: He's made a mess of everything And everyone he knows He sneaks a peek at their Xbox screens And does it just because It's everything, the only thing he's known for CHORUS: So look to the left, and look to the right There are screens on my left, and screens on my right I can't open my eyes for fear of the name Don't call me Caleb, ok, cause we are just not the same


3 Bonus Tracks from Achievement Jam album.


released May 28, 2014

All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2014. Use of Achievement Hunter/RoosterTeeth references sound clips, likeness or events are in tribute as fan art.

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Artwork by Brendan Horn 2014


all rights reserved


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