Tired Of Being Pushed Around

from by Boy On A String

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Blake commenting on Weiss' out look on the White Fang as well as her own changing feelings towards the organization she once believed so strongly in.


How could you do this to me?
How could you treat me like this?
Like I'm a criminal
A common criminal not a friend
How could you say what you said?
Without a hint of remorse
You say we're all us to blame
It's gone from bad onto worse

This is how I was born
I didn't choose be like this
I didn't choose to look like this
Look around you

You play the victim but you cannot see the forest for the trees
And when the lights go out, your family steps on our hopes and dreams
You say you've suffered and you've lost your share, of that I'll admitt
But baby you're not white as how you dress, your in the thick of it

And I got tired of being pushed around
Everywhere I went
So I decided that I'd stand up
Stand up and do something

I am the victim but I'm not pretending I'm not to blame
I've done my share of crimes and one day I will catch up to pay
You see I've seen the error of following so blindly into
And now I'm hoping that that legacy might slowly undo

We are lightning, straying from thunder
Mysteries of hope and wonder
We are frightening, intimidating others
Villains under best of covers

We do what we do 'cause we think it's right
But what do we do when it turns out it's a lie?
How could I, how could I, ever make it right?


from RWBY: RTX Sydney 2017 EP, released February 1, 2017



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