Achievement Jams (Part 1)

by boyonastring

Introduction 00:20
Team Lads 03:34
VERSE 1: They're on the screen They're a team If you call it a team you might mean They're a group Or a troop They're a collection of misspent youth CHORUS: Oh the young bloods Oh the young From the depths of their hearts To the tips of their tongues Raining fire Reign of fun Coming down from the sky Falling on everyone VERSE 2: They're in a dream It's a scene Of impossible scenarios And that nose Really knows From the tip of it right to his toes BRIDGE: C'mon boyz this is what we're here for C'mon lads this is what we've always waited to be C'mon boyz this is what we're made of What we're made of COUNTER BRIDGE: Michael, Ray, Gavin Mogar, X Ray, Vav
VERSE 1: On days like this I'm glad that I'm alive So I can see The whole world passing by And when I go I'd like to leave behind A legacy From me to all mankind VERSE 2: On days like these I'm happy when online Except for when Their comments make me cry And then I see A little hope inside A monument To get behind CHORUS: Anybody could've made it And anybody can make it today But only one guy could've named it And he did, and it's never [ever] gonna be the same VERSE 3: On days like this I think about the scale Of Youtube's reach And numbers simply fail And what they made And joked about online Has built a name In record time
Trophy Room 02:27
VERSE 1: Deep down in a room he made to keep Keep his towers safe And no one was suppose to know about It's a private place It's not much of a memory, of the time he won But it's all that he has to keep, from everyone CHORUS: It will be a long time be-fore I can walk this off It will be a while be-fore I...can shake this off Yeah! C'mon guys! VERSE 2: What a way for them all to find Find out what he's done Gav's room of trophy dreams And a note from his mum/mom BRIDGE: And if they find your trophy room Dig it up, dig it up, dig it up! And if they find your secret room Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up! OUTRO: Waiting for towers to fall
INTRO: YOLO // You only live once Put your hands in the air // Cause it's time to have fun YOLO // You only live once Put your hands in the air, cause it's time to! VERSE 1: His name is Ray Narvez Jr He is good as they get He's got a massive gamer score But he worked hard to get it YOLO, am I right? He's a catchphrase machine So good at playing games it's just a bit obscene Not gonna lie, he's a head hunting pro Got his squeaky flipping chair like his very own studio Lived in a crappy New York house In a crappy New York street Moved to Austin cause there's way more good food there to eat CHORUS: This time we're going all the way [hey!] Yeah, yeah he am here to stay Let's Play [Let's play] And waste these days away With the brownest of all men! VERSE 2: L. L. Let's play Got a Jr in his name Making weird pop references In every single game Everything he touches Turns to Achievement Hunter gold It's kinda like the Midas touch Like the legend had foretold He is X-Ray, man, you got to see his pose Standing next to the guy with the 6 o'clock Nose Nah, making jokes is his primary goal And for the last few years he has been on a roll BRIDGE: FPS, COD. Kicking ass in teams of 3 Quick remarks, clever lines Hanging out with all the guys Does his job, does it well Achievement hunting can be swell 10 of 10, completely done Giving shout outs to his mum Visual jokes, sexist names Doing Let's Plays in stupid games Versus Champ, Tower Of Pimps Going cakeless cause he's no whimp
Lindsay 03:17
VERSE 1: Do you know what it feels like To be a single A battery? What use is it anyway? Like winning a 10 cent lottery PRE CHORUS: The hand behind the camera The voice behind a jewel The female Achievement Hunter The other one in the room The hands behind the editing Of Lets Plays now and then Deserves her share of credit For putting up with them VERSE 2: Do you know what it feels like To be an Internet cat? Can I has the grape fruit? Do you wants to Google Chat? CHORUS: Lindsay you found a reason in him Like the reason for gravity And your lungs start breathe it in Fill your heart like a cavity Oh oh oh
VERSE 1: Another sip of bourbon Another Monday show He is as busy as a honey bee But too pro to let that show yeah Another day for gaming Another Let's Play match He's got a script to read as Dexter Grif Too little time to even scratch his ass CHORUS: One step forward And a hundred steps back Holding the controller Doing AHWU with Jack I tell ya, Geoff Ramsey He is one of the best And success like this Is just the start of his quest He's got a pioneer spirit And a genuine soul Ain't nuthin' gonna stop him From achievement hunting his goal COUNTER CHORUS: (He's got ideas for days) (Four Twenty Let's Plays) (You gotta pay him respect) (Cause he'll come to collect) VERSE 2: Another week on YouTube Another million videos He took a hobby made it into a job No corporate ladder or interviews BRIDGE: It takes a lot of effort to appear this fun You gotta go through everything you do to get it done They've got a schedule to which they've got to adhere But luck dictates that schedule has occasional beers, alright!!!
Mogar 04:08
VERSE 1: So gather round here and I'll spin you a tale Where bravery begins and the good shall prevail Our hero is strong and he's willing to win With the wind in his fur and cake on his chin VERSE 2: Come one and come all to this mystical tale Buy lots of our goods from our fare's baking sale For when we begin we don't know where to end For this song is for Mogar, our hero and friend VERSE 3: Mogar the Great is a hero to all His claws are so sharp, and his plums are not small He's fierce, and he's fast and he's rougher than tar And Mogar the Brave transforms Run-gar VERSE 4: With Gav at his side, his boy through and through And Geoff on his mind, with the rest of his crew He rules on the throne, a true king of the land And deals out high fives with his strong fury hand CHORUS 1: Mogar is power, Mogar is great He eats up his dinner and even the plate The man and the myth they are one and the same And when Gavin dies, you know he's to blame Cause Mogar can't help but destroy Even though Gav is his boy Mogar can't help but destroy VERSE 5: The point of this song is abundantly clear That Mogar is great be it far, be it near When times come round and you wish he was there But he won't and he shan't and it's simply not fair CHORUS 2: Mogar is Michael and Michael's at work Recordng a Rage Quit, or being a jerk I use the word jerk cause it rhymed in the song So please don't tell Mogar, no don't get me wrong! Cause Mogar can't help but destroy Even if I was his boy Cause Mogar can't help but destroy
VERSE 1: Give me some time and a note book to write I've got some dope rhymes for me to get right He's funny, sarcastic and plays C. O. D. And teams up with clever, logic and crazy Between them they have more than half of the points In this team death match slayer, let audience rejoice The connection is clear, it is strong, it is wise Put R, next to R and step back other guys! CHORUS: Ray...of sunshine Ray of light Oh Ryan's belt The stars come out at night Replay these dreams when eyes are wide awake A ray of sunshine, the stars come out to play VERSE 2: So listen up y'all, listen loud listen proud It's R&R's reign and it's not from the clouds Just blaze it up y'all, or think some logical thoughts I never flipped 3 coins and I connected the dots Rest & relaxation, 2 R's of the same Repeat & revelation, so say it again Refuse my requisition of irrational rhymes Replay the right to reasons for a rock solid time
VERSE 1: Explosions off in the distance Friendships that peak our interest Blood is thicker than a cup of this Riot punch A mandate to man date when push comes to violent shove CHORUS 1: Every single day they find another thing to tease And every single day they find another thing they need VERSE 2: Emotion they can't explain it Commotion, you won't retain it CHORUS 2: Playing games and calling names to keep it so routine Using words that sound like sounds explain just what you mean Separate people separate countries bring them closer now Entertain the masses but they never take a bow BRIDGE: Team Nice Dynamite Michael & Gavin You're my boy
Team Gents 03:13
VERSE 1: We are the Gents and we are here for the win We all have beards and all have devilish grins We strategies from our base on the moon We all have kids, and only some of that's true Our opposition is so simple to beat It's Halloweeners and we're handing out treats We stand alone as a force to be feared Except for Ryan when he makes it go weird VERSE 2: We are the Gents and we are here for the tower When we join forces we're exponential power We drew a picture of your impending doom Your only solace is that we'll be done soon We're smarter than a PHD holding fox And more just right than either goldie or locks We terrify from our side of the room And drink champagne on a Friday at noon CHORUS: We are the original members Plus 1 (plus 1) Plus 1 (plus 1) We are the original gamers Plus 1 (plus 1) Plus 1 (plus 1) BRIDGE: We are the Gents, are we loud, are we clear? Like tinnitus now in your headphone-ed ears We're ransoming lyrics to say what we want We're italics and bold in your favourite font We are the Gents, have you nothing to say? With nothing but ways to make all the Lads pay The tower is ours, it belongs to us now You're all in the hole, but you're not a cow
VERSE 1: If I were to guess who would invent A machine to change future events I'd put my money on certain gents But not to steal the tower of pimps I'm pretty sure he'd interfere With certain livestock living near He's got his reasons clear no doubt But it still weirds all of us out CHORUS: Again, again! He does it over again He's using Xbox controllers He replay events And making tiny little changes He removes the extra players It's an honourable plan And Ryan's at it again PRE VERSE: Back and forth between present and past To make you sorry you even asked Back and forth between time and space Keeping Edgar there in his place VERSE 2: If I were to plot his current course I wouldn't need to use the Force No way to hold him back now Not even stealing that cow BRIDGE: There is a simple reason To keep that cow imprisoned Why won't anybody listen? Ryan tells we should fear him The underlying reason Behind the cow imprisoned Ryan's seen all of the visions Of the future where it's different And he's trying to make a difference!


PART 1 (DISC 1) of 2 Achievement Jams.


released May 28, 2014

Trumpet on "Successful Geoff" by Isabella Harvey
Violin on "Team Nice Dynamite Prelude" by Molly and Bernadette McCoy
Violin on "Team Nice Dynamite" by Molly McCoy
Recorder on "Mogar" by Gemma Squires/Horn
Flute on"Mogar" by Gemma Squires/Horn
Violin on "Mogar" by Molly McCoy
All instruments by Brendan Horn

All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2014. Use of Achievement Hunter/RoosterTeeth references sound clips, likeness or events are in tribute as fan art.

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Artwork by Brendan Horn 2014


all rights reserved


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