RWBY: We've All Lost Something

by boyonastring

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VERSE 1: Goodbye Penny Your separate parts in separate places Goodbye Penny Reflections of you in saddened faces CHORUS: You are only as real as you make others feel You were so real, weren't you You were so real, weren't you VERSE 2: Goodbye Penny Your honest soul can soar forever Goodbye Penny We saw too late, but learnt that lesson BRIDGE 1: This cannot be the end of this Surely someone can rebuild it This cannot be the end of you There must be something that we can do BRIDGE 2: She was so real She was so real No matter what they say or what they do/think She was so real (to you) BRIDGE 3: And every time I think of you Reminds me what we've got to do And every day I find a way To put the pieces back again So every time I think of you I'm the thread that I will use To stitch you back together new Yeah that is what we're gonna do VERSE 4: Goodbye Penny It's not so long, but not long enough Goodbye, Penny I called you friend, and I sure meant it
VERSE 1: Secrets put brick walls between friends We all know, we all know how that ends CHORUS: So yeah I'm kinda angry These thoughts that are occurring to me About the way you always disappear This wasn't how it was supposed to be I thought we had agreed that When things were bad you'd know that we were here VERSE 2: Everything you ever fought for, believed in Took away everything from me and it weakened I'd give my other arm to have both my arms back (I'd give my other arm to have both my arms back) A personal attack BRIDGE: Maybe none of this ever got through Maybe none of us ever met you Maybe none of this ever hit home Loss of limb and all alone Loss of limb and all alone So much, so long to this bumble bee
VERSE1: How can I save the world If I can’t even save you I could try and give my all But where would that leave you? I was too late, a second time And now you’re gone These silver eyes and simple soul But my timing sucks, this time CHORUS: Dry my eyes, take my time Tell me how long is this gonna take? Dry my eyes, force this smile Build it up before we start to break VERSE 2: The good old days, the golden days When we all met, the first time We shook the earth, and proved our worth With so much style, except Jaune Those days are dead, two of my friends Are gone as well My insides hurt, I feel like dirt So empty and without you Before we break... CHORUS 2: Dry those eyes, force this smile Build it up before we start to break Dry my eyes, take your time Tell me how long is this gonna take?
INTRO: Take me away From these wayward saints INTRO 2: Things I believed in Crumbling, crashing all around me Like I never knew a thing at all You are now betrayal You have been betrayal And you sold me out, Cut off every hand that held my trust VERSE 1: I just can't stop This train wreck of secrets And all my friends They don't know What I really am, or who I was (or who I've been) PRE CHORUS 1: I'll wear this bow and I'll keep all my secrets Deceiving my friends with these lies of infrequence but I'll hide my ears cause the world is a bastard And man hasn't changed but each day is a brand new chance CHORUS: Family, friends or foes Tell me who knows Tell me who ever really knows who you are COUNTER CHORUS: I've worn my heart on my sleeve For the last time (for the last time) For the last time VERSE 2: Nothing can stop This train wreck of secrets And all my friends No they won't believe it So I'll run away And hide it away PRE CHORUS 2: I'll wear this bow to displace my allegiance I'd love to blend in cause it's my biggest weakness I'll hide my heart cause my past betrays feelings And you've wiggled into my deepest of secrets, kid.
VERSE 1: It's amazing that when you need someone the most they disappear. You disappeared. CHORUS: Is this what friends are for? We're beaten down but we're coming back for more And I wish I could say something to your face It feels like every word I used was a waste A waste of time VERSE 2: It's amazing that when we think we're making progress You're slipping out in the dark of night (I'm thinking back to what you promised) BRIDGE: Trust is like a rope We're not going to cope If honestly takes a dive We are high and dry Every time you lie At least I got out alive


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released March 12, 2017

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn except:
Trumpet on "Dry Those Silver Eyes" & "Dry Those Silver Eyes [Alternate Version]" performed by Brigid Crevola
Guest vocals on "Dry Those Silver Eyes [Alternate Version]" by Brigid Crevola.
All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2017.
Artwork by Scheree Reeves.
Check out more of her work here:

Use of RWBY/RoosterTeeth references, sound clips, likeness or events are in tribute as fan art.


all rights reserved


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