RWBY: I'm Having Trouble Letting Go

by boyonastring

VERSE 1: I wanna help you make the right decisions But I don't know exactly what you're missing I used to think you'd always understand me But now it seems that I can't see you clearly CHORUS 1: No one can make this choice for you But you've definitely got to choose VERSE 2: You want to live up to their expectations But all they're asking leads to complications And no one really knows just what they're asking Cause nobody can survive this passing CHORUS 2: And what I want, what I want, what I want for you Is only what is good Is what I want, what I want, what I need to do With fate or here with you BRIDGE 1: You're losing grip on your way The dawn seems darker today The sun is hiding its face Where do I misplace my faith? In ways you cannot explain The pain of choice, or just pain On giving up on your name And letting friends walk away BRIDGE 2: There was no one right move Nothing for you to do Living a life for two or giving your life
Green Eyes 03:14
VERSE 1: You have the biggest green eyes I'd ever seen And with that cool calm stare you looked/stared straight at me There's not a single thing that keeps you going each week But when I think of saying something I can hardly speak You have the biggest damn heart that I've ever seen And with your open doors, you welcomed me in But like the stupid boy I am I pushed away from me And now there's awkwardness between us and it's killing me CHORUS: I miss the way you'd beat me up by accident I miss the way you'd help me feel more confident (I miss the way you didn't know who I was) (I miss the way) This is a love song That came out all wrong This is a love song That took me too long VERSE 2: You had the biggest green eyes I'd ever seen And when you looked at me I'm certain you see right through me And maybe one day I would figure out the way that you feel But for now we'll have deal with being somewhat less real I had a single minded vision and I missed out of this Except for plenty of "I'm sorry"s and a hell of a kiss It's not an understatement to say I am dealing with this In such a way to what end I'm unsure of how bad it is OUTRO: You had the biggest green eyes And the greatest right hook One hundred yard stare And a love like in a book
The Letter 04:35
VERSE 1: I know it's too late To say that I'm sorry I missed your signals How could I not see? CHORUS: You were the brightest one of us You held this beacon of our love And now I'll write to you beyond this earthly realm There's something that I've got to tell VERSE 2: The way that you saw me Completely clueless I know it's too late But I need to do this CHORUS 2: I never really held your hand And when I did, I did not understand You were the brightest one and now you've burnt out, gone I'm never gonna find someone OUTRO: We missed our time For us to shine There was no happy ending We missed our chance At least we danced No happy endings
This is a love song that came out all wrong This is a love song that took me too long
VERSE 1: I'm so confused, but that's nothing new I'm normally with you, so what do I do? You found me out, but won't turn me in You like me more than a friend, but where does that end? CHORUS: On these rooftops with the skyline watching Catching me out, wearing me down In these hallways with the doorways leading Leading you out, letting you down VERSE 2: What do I do? Now I'm here just with you Is it too good for true? I don't know how to choose She sees my faults, is never quick to insult She always picks up my mood OUTRO: The heart wants what it wants Like a ghost it'll haunt you Every moment you wake The head thinks what it needs Is a just little reprieve But it is just a mistake


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released May 19, 2016

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn except:
Guest female vocals on "Green Eyes" by Gemma Horn
Guitar solos on "Green Eyes" and "The View From The Roof Is Better With You" by Joey McCoy.
All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2016.
Artwork by Scheree Reeves.
Check out more of her work here:

Use of RWBY/RoosterTeeth references sound clips, likeness or events are in tribute as fan art.

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