RWBY: RTX Sydney 2017 EP

by boyonastring



Special release to celebrate RTX Sydney 2017.

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released February 1, 2017

In memory of Monty Oum. <3
"Keep Moving Forward"

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn except:
Guest vocals on "I Pretend That I'm Still There" by Gemma Horn.
Guest voice over in "Be The Villain" by April Nicely.
All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2017 except vocal and lyrical references in "Like Fire From The Moon" and "Tired Of Being Pushed Around" from "This Will Be The Day" by Jeff Williams.
Artwork by Scheree Reeves.
Check out more of her work here:

Special thanks to Patrick & April Nicely for helping out a guy with a crazy idea.

Use of RWBY/RoosterTeeth references, sound clips, likeness or events are in tribute as fan art.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Counting Limbs, Three
Why will no one trust these words?
I saw it and it hurts
They don't believe me now
She believed me in the past
Trust disappears so fast
She almost didn't ask what I saw

And what hurts the most
The ones who you hold close
Are the one who leave the deepest scars on your bones

Take a little time alone
Try not to think of home
The family that I lost long ago
I'm a little tired to fight
Maybe I'll be alright
Or maybe just give up on it all

And what hurts me most
Close but not so close
I'd tell you but you know what you should've done

Run, run, run away live to fight another day
Could anyone, anywhere ever find another way?
Run, run, run away go ahead and run away
Leave me here without a word, a note or little anything

Yeah I get it
You always run
Yeah I get it
We've all done it once

Broken bones may finally heal
But you don't know if you will feel again

You're what hurts me most

And I'm trying hard to forgive (to forgive you)
But it's impossible to forget (to forget you)
You left me when I was broken
With nothing left but these regrets
So take a look what's left of me (to forgive you)
A shadow of what used to be (to forget you)
And now we're never gonna forget it
I'm counting limbs right up to three
Track Name: Tired Of Being Pushed Around
How could you do this to me?
How could you treat me like this?
Like I'm a criminal
A common criminal not a friend
How could you say what you said?
Without a hint of remorse
You say we're all us to blame
It's gone from bad onto worse

This is how I was born
I didn't choose be like this
I didn't choose to look like this
Look around you

You play the victim but you cannot see the forest for the trees
And when the lights go out, your family steps on our hopes and dreams
You say you've suffered and you've lost your share, of that I'll admit
But baby you're not white as how you dress, you're in the thick of it

And I got tired of being pushed around
Everywhere I went
So I decided that I'd stand up
Stand up and do something

I am the victim but I'm not pretending I'm not to blame
I've done my share of crimes and one day I will catch up to pay
You see I've seen the error of following so blindly into
And now I'm hoping that that legacy might slowly undo

We are lightning, straying from thunder
Mysteries of hope and wonder
We are frightening, intimidating others
Villains under best of covers

We do what we do 'cause we think it's right
But what do we do when it turns out it's a lie?
How could I, how could I, ever make it right?
Track Name: I Forget That You Aren't Here
Faced with the end of everything
She chose to fight and go down swinging
She showed me how, bright as a new day
This destiny sucks, it took you away

And I get sad when I think about
The life we never got to share
And every now and again
I forget that you aren't here
I forget that you aren't here
I forget that you aren't here

What do I do? Where do I go?
Follow this path, it's all that I know
Lost my hero
And lost my best friend
Track Name: Like Fire From The Moon
I got a need, I've got this need
It turns me in my sleep
It's bitter and it's sweet
It's everything I need
So come with me, just come with me
We'll bring them to their knees
With fear and villainy
Go down in history

We are many but so few
We've come here just to destroy you
And though you're fighting to survive
You won't succeed while we're alive
I hold your future in the past
Enjoy the seasons whilst they last
And now you're trying to explain
The Fall is never quite the same

So do you see, now do you see
The plan is perfectly
Divide them and they'll be unable to retreat
In time you'll see, what we can be
And count it as defeat
Repeat, repeat, repeat
Bring heroes to their knees

So raise your walls and bring your troops
I'll rain like fire from the moon
This force of nature's mine to bend
Destroy your strongest defenses
So send your men and send your ships
I'll send them back in tiny bits
This forces of nature's mine to wield
Our destiny's are all but sealed

I taste victory
It's my everything

We are lightning, rolling thunder
We are oceans pull you under

And now you'll see
Why her destiny's for me
Track Name: Be The Villain (Feat. April Nicely)
I don't wanna be a winner
But I sure as hell don't wanna lose
I don't want to be the villain
But I sure as hell could not be you
That is true

I don't want to feel something
Or be someone like you
I don't want to talk your talk
Or ever have to choose

Aren't you tired of being heroes
You kids do well to know my name
Beg and steal, but never borrow
I won't rest but I'm not one to blame
Things will change

This is where
We drop the act and bring them to their knees
This is where
We cut the cord and float off on the breeze
It's not fair
For you to die and leave me on my own

This was not your time!
Track Name: I Pretend That I'm Still There (Feat. Gemma Horn)
Faced with a choice
What would you choose?
So much to gain
So much to lose
Give up your life
Forget who you are
Or live with the weight
Of letting them down

And I get sad when you think about
This life you lead without me there
And every now and again
I pretend that I’m still there
I pretend that I’m still there

Where are you now?
What do you feel?
Do you still smile?
And think of me?

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