Avatar: Campfire Songs

by Small Folk

VERSE 1: What good am I if I can't save you, if I can't save you like he would I hear the stories and bathe in glory but I feel like I'm firewood. CHORUS: I'm not happy til these people are happy But they're never happy til they've got somebody to blame Day after day, they're all the same blankets of blame on the bed that I made I'm not finished til I say I'm finished But the people in this city always have an angle to play Day after day, finding new ways And blankets of blame on this bed of complaints VERSE 2: I feel the movement and move on through it I'm learning who I want to be This heavy heart lifts and hope surrounds it I'm being who I want to be CHORUS 2: It's not over til I say it's over But the moment that I know and I always have to explain No one's to blame and people are strange These blankets of blame fall on all just the same I don't want to but I always have to And I always get involved because nobody knows how to trade Day after day, always the same These common complaints shifting blankets of blame
VERSE 1: Take away my breath and you're all that's left Moving water in my blood and everyone's upset CHORUS: Everyone is lonely, at least when they're alone And everyone is homeless when they're away from home And everyone needs everyone to try and get along Cause in the end we're only as weak as we are strong VERSE 2: You can take my friends, I'll just get them back When it's hard to trust, when we're way off track BRIDGE: You can move the mountains and she can ford the seas But I have no requirements for the friends I keep The company is only good as long as it's around We're moving like an earthquake but we're solid as the ground
That One Day 04:41
VERSE 1: I can't sleep tonight Tomorrow brings me another fight These last few days weigh heavy conscious on my tired soul I'm just not alright (I'm just not alright) Who's to say who's wrong or right? This pressure builds up like a rocket waiting to explode PRE CHORUS: Gather crowds of people talking all at once A hundred different voices, a thousand different wants Gather all the people, see them in the sun Reminds me of the future, assuming we have one CHORUS: Hand on hand we're moving on again Never staying still and waiting for the day we will Step by step we diminish distance left Never staying still but hoping that one day we will VERSE 2: I won't sleep tonight Tomorrow brings my past to life This question begs a certain answer, one I must deny I just can't decide (I just can't decide) Justice begs me from their eyes Who made this life we live and can we (should we) ever take it back?
Long is the day and you were there waiting like the night. You were the night. VERSE 1: I was the day and you, you were the endless night. You wear the darkest sky, you were the reason why. CHORUS: And some things never die (You aren't ever going to die) You are the midnight sun, but not the only one tonight And something never die (You aren't ever gonna die) I'd love to see you soon But you're the girl who saves the moon I am the waves and you were there lighting up the sky You run the night, oh VERSE 2: And in the way that you showed me how to feel Divining what is real, I keep an even keel BRIDGE 1: You were the princess and I was a clown We lost all our chances for normalcy now Here comes the plot twist, a definite hole And no one to fight to get back what they stole From us both BRIDGE 2: Tracing this circle Start it anew Saving the city starts here with you Tracing the circle Start it anew Saving the future means saving the moon COUNTER BRIDGE: Yin and yang, the sun and moon You and me, you're gone too soon
No One Left 05:01
VERSE 1: See the fire burning bright See the ocean, feel the tide Breathe the air in long and deep Feel the hard ground beneath my feet CHORUS 1: There's no one left to sing my songs and nowhere to belong When your home is an inferno, all your friends think that you're gone There's no one left to hold my hand or even understand It's like your spiralling in circles in a strange and foreign land VERSE 2: See the fire split the sky See the ocean as deep as wide Feel the warm soil with my toes Breathe the fresh air through the nose BRIDGE: Truth be told I want nothing less than this All responsibilities are just an endless painful list Truth be told I want nothing more than you So simple but effective but so much is often true Truth be told CHORUS 2: There's no one left to sing my songs and nowhere to belong When you're hunted like an outlaw, all you have is to be strong There's no one left to hold my hand, just loose and shifting sand It's like a whirl pool of emotion and I'm doing all I can


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Songs based on characters and themes from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legends Of Korra animated series.

*I wrote a lot of these songs around about the time I came across a video of Jon Gomm playing his song "Passionflower" and really wanted to write intertwining intricate acoustic guitar lines.

A lot of these songs are results of the being inspired by Jon Gomm's style, Hey Rosetta's 2014 album, Second Sight and Avatar: The Last Airbender.


released August 28, 2017

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn.
All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2017.
Artwork by Isabella Kidd.


all rights reserved


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