Infinite Shape

by Madison Minor

VERSE 1: I found my courage in a pocket of indecency and rage I found you on the floor in a temporary cage in a variety of ways CHORUS: Cut it like a well worn blade The sides are blunted and there's nothing left to say Peace is pending payment Sinking in the salty sea The grass is growing and weeds grow up round me Peace is never banging like an air borne bomb VERSE 2: You escaped the crooked doorways throw the light in jagged daggers blade You cut me to the quick in a shovel versus spade And quite a mess was made BRIDGE: Banging like a world war bomb To send you speeding back to where you're from I made a point to write you one more song You saw it coming, knew it for so long You had it coming, knew it for so long COUNTER BRIDGE: I just want you to know Nobody likes you and nobody ever will CHORUS 2: Dig in with a brand new spade I'm digging tunnels, haven't seen the light in days Circles spinning targets Take you down a peg or two And that is cause we've had it up to here with you Peace is never banging like an air borne bomb
VERSE 1: We're born as lost things Nobody's looking for us We're made from glass hands Nobody's looking through us The cracks in all hearts The slivers slipping to shards We're born as dead men The sum on non-sequenced parts COUNTER VERSE: Drive back, I'm coming down the wrong way Drive back, you're going down the wrong way home CHORUS: Down the fever goes but I'm so scared of going alone The feeling grows but it's the only way I know VERSE 2: We're tying loose threads Oh in a hurricane And making loose threats To friends and family BRIDGE: There is no safe way (there is no safe way) To build a legacy There is no safe way (there is no safe way) Not if you're asking me BRIDGE 2: Take these hands and build a monument So we remember who we are and where we came from (repeat)
VERSE 1: Take and take, push til I break Keep me awake like nothing's at stake Fake is fake and you're on your way So throw me away like I feel no pain CHORUS: If it's what you want It's what I will do When you walk in I'd leave the room for you No reasons to leave No reasons to stay Be reasonable for once for goodness sake VERSE 2: Days and days the questions remains Start over again til I can explain You won't change and that's such a shame Won't even explain your reasons remain BRIDGE 1: An hour here is an hour there And we'll pretend that this is fair BRIDGE 2: This year started with so much promise But now it's back to the same old same old
VERSE 1: We had so much promise did we? Burn out bright for no one to see You put me out and gave up the ghost Of the feelings we fear most Shame on you for fooling me once And shame on me for needing your love And one, two, three the reasons I hate Myself more than I hate you CHORUS: When you said, when you said, you said we were okay Did you mean, did you mean temporary? When we said, when we said that our hearts beat Beat in time as the song plays along Take me back, take me back, way back to the first time So I can mess around with the timeline Stop you weaselling into my good life As the song plays in various moods VERSE 2: Really now, there's nothing to say? Except for how, you're staying away There's nothing left, I'm packing a box That I'll send you the bill for The carpet's cleaned and bond's been returned When you went back, went back on your word You struck me out, yeah out of the life That we built in a heartbeat And these words spin around stuck on repeat Repeating the words BRIDGE: Best friends means friends forever But you're switching up the saying with your last endeavour Never wanted all the drama that you're bringing with you So I'm picking up these pieces of a puzzle I'll do alone



All the guitar and bass sounds on this EP were created using a Blackstar ID60TVP through the amplifiers' 4x12 emulated output.
No EQ or compression were applied to guitar or bass tracks at any stage of the recording.
Guitar sounds were created "on the fly" and not trying to emulate a sound from a demo. The amplifier itself inspired all the tones used on this album.


released July 14, 2017

Guitars, bass and vocals performed by Brendan Horn.
Drums performed by Will Tremain.
Guitars, vocals and overall mix by Brendan Horn.
Drum mix by Keiren Lovett.
Artwork by Rye Crothers.
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Special thanks to Blackstar for making these amps.


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