Avatar: Past & Present Troubles

by Small Folk

VERSE 1: No matter how strong I am, nothing ever seems to go just like it’s planned And I almost die every time CHORUS: We, we, we’ve got the wrong idea and we’re trusting all the people Who we really should have feared And it’s oh so obvious in hindsight Set the details out right But the heat of battle fans the fire in our lives VERSE 2: No matter how hard I try situations always seem to catch me on the fly And I always fight every time to be right CHORUS 2: We, we, we are the tidal wave and we’re bring the erosion on a monumental scale It was oh so obvious in hindsight Now we’re gonna put right Anything and everything dismantled in the fight
Finish Line 03:47
VERSE: Does light hold strong when the darkness comes along? Do we hold the truth? Do hands hold hope like a fraying rope? Do we see some proof? CHORUS: Everything will be alright Everything will work out fine Don’t you worry, don’t you worry Don’t you hurry to the finish line VERSE 2: Does fire lose heat when we chose to retreat? Did we lose ourselves? Like air we can breathe, simple things to believe Can we find ourselves in time?
VERSE: We weren’t always friends when we met at first Trust is hard to mend, gone from bad to worse CHORUS: Everyone gets angry, at least from time to time And sometimes we go crazy and let out what’s inside But everyone needs everyone to not be eye for eye Cause in the end we’re only making ourselves blind VERSE 2: You and I are friends You and her are more Love cannot be bent It’s an open door BRIDGE: You can play with fire but don’t you toy with me Cause you are my desire, we’re something don’t you see? But time and trust are things that we require to heal and mend And time and trust are things that we just cannot learn to bend. CHORUS 2: Everyone gets lonely when they’re away from home And everyone gets homesick when they are on their own But everyone needs everyone to try and get along Cause in the end we’re only as weak as we are strong
LYRICS: VERSE: It’s time for resolution This time we will resolve There’s no other solution No sins we can’t absolve PRE CHORUS: But you and me, we’re songs without a key A noteless harmony Like sour air to breathe But you and I are we stars without a sky It’s a long and hard goodbye But to fail is not to try VERSE 2: It’s time for a conclusion That brings inner most peace It’s time for resolution For greatest and the least CHORUS: Looking at the ocean, but you are all I see The gravity that pulls me in and sucks the air from me Looking to the South Pole, I’m drawn in your breath I shrug off insecurities and embrace my inner self Palaces and kingdoms fall but I must rise above Master all my own desires and protect the ones I love The ones who pulled me from this grave and met along the way The path I walk such lonesome miles from here and to the grave From here into the grave
VERSE: Holding the hand of things we never speak of Cold skin on skin, ocean in the background, crashing in the foreground You looked at me, eyes as blue as clear skies Deeper than the waves we’re flying over, cliffs resemble Dover CHORUS: Is this what I have been waiting for? Is this what we have been waiting for? VERSE 2: I feel unsure, bordering uncertain Ice cold and hard, hitting like a bison, wonderfully frightened I look at you, my doubts as plain as daylight You hold my hand, tell me that’s alright, tell me that it’s all right BRIDGE: I need somewhere to belong I need someone to be strong I need somewhere to belong I’ve been waiting for so long


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Songs based on characters and themes from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legends Of Korra animated series.

*I wrote a lot of these songs around about the time I came across a video of Jon Gomm playing his song "Passionflower" and really wanted to write intertwining intricate acoustic guitar lines.

A lot of these songs are results of the being inspired by Jon Gomm's style, Hey Rosetta's 2014 album, Second Sight and Avatar: The Last Airbender.


released December 4, 2017

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn.
All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2017.
Artwork by Isabella Kidd.


all rights reserved


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