Funhaus: Screaming & Scrobbles

by boyonastring

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VERSE 1: These are words, and words can hurt Nothing works, nothing works Every day, the joke's the same Nothing hurts, and they're not jerks Every single day Things just stay the same Each and every way We all stay the same CHORUS: There's a difference between what you say and what you do There's a difference between comedy and truth There's a difference between what you say and what you do There's a difference between convincing and true VERSE 2: Eyes bone dry, just don't cry It's blue sky, all the time What you see, on your screen Are mostly jokes, based on tropes BRIDGE: The difference between what you say and what you do The difference between what you see and what you know
I got a beef with all of you I got so much I'm making stew I'll boil it down to points of view Speculation coming from a rumour mill that's nothing new Dig that hole deep down (I can't stand it, I just can't stand it) So far underground (We check it, man we check it) We're so far from town (And you call us, you just call us out) (No reason, no no reason) Down This is what we get for being diligent? Is this what, what you want, what you want? Is this what you what you really want? This is what we get for being competent? We don't, get upset, no we don't, want regrets We just wanna tell you what you want What you want (what do you want?) What you want to hear Half Life 3 confirmed
VERSE 1: We're playing God In a digital universe We're sharing files And there's no chance that it's rehearsed We've gone so far (We've gone so far) And there's no going back again Let's make a mess And make it all over again CHORUS: We know what our limits are VERSE 2: There are no rules There's nothing that is off side This awkward life And the people who will decide Which is which and who is who? Where is where, and who are you? BRIDGE: What do you want them to be? The Dumb Avengers, the dumb avengers, they're dumb
Spoole 02:33
Everybody picks on me It's like the just don't want me around But the thing you just don't see Is that it's just a bit they've got down The comments ask "Why are you so mean to Spoole?" "He's such a nice guy, and he seems really cool" One dollar, one hour Bruce, Adam and James seem so mean But the show is Spoole powered And what you miss from behind the scenes They're really nice guys, and they treat me ok It's really not that bad, and that's why I stay CHORUS: Sure, I get to work late But it's not because really I'm trying to make them wait Sure, I like to take naps And I've got unhealthy feelings for these baseball caps Everybody picks on me But it's not cause they don't want me around Everybody picks on me But one day I will not be around :(
Fan Art 05:01
Lines you draw lead straight to our hearts People draw pictures of us And I just don't know how to feel 'bout that These eyes and such beard Do I look that like that, or is it just the style? Will you, draw us, like one of your, French girls? YES WE WILL! So much skills goes into all of these How can we convey our gratitude for them? Such art. Much wow We'd hang them on the wall, but we'd run out of space I want to build a wall To hang up all this art And tear down everything That sets itself apart All people have a face All people need a place Our Fun House [it's a pun not a spelling error...geez] is a home For all of those who roam (And are not lost)


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Some of them have screaming, all of them have that magic Funhaus feeling.
Kind of.

*No Funhauses were injured in the production of this EP

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released April 7, 2016

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn except for solo in "Modify...Or Well...You Know...Die?" by Joey McCoy

All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2015/2016

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