With Our Own Hands EP

by Madison Minor



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3 of the 4 songs on this EP were recorded on August 5 at the Roo Teeth 24 Hour Charity Live Stream using my newly build Bits-A-Tele, a Roger Linn Adrenalinn III effects unit and a few hours.
Special thanks to Sam Fiez and Ryan Frost for getting me involved in the stream and everyone who attended the stream for being so supportive and patient with me being the annoying musician guy setting up gear left and right.
"Mountains From Geometry" was an experiment with the then new Boss MS-3 multiFX & true bypass looper with added vocal ideas in October 2017.


released October 22, 2017

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn.
Album photograph by Ali Brown at Brendan & Gemma Horn's wedding on 21.06.2014 .
All songs copyright Brendan Horn 2017.

Superman Logo & Superman name is trademark of DC Entertainment & Warner Bros Entertainment.


all rights reserved


Track Name: I May Not Be Able To Save You, But I Know Someone Who Can
We won't close our eyes any time, any time
But our minds unravelling like twine
Drinking brine, we'll see ourselves through the night

If this is not where I wanted to be
At a quarter past nine, or twenty to three
I will lay down and hope for some sleep
[I will lay down and hope for some sleep]
The dreams we can keep replayed on the stream
[Replayed on the stream]

Wake up, it's time for the stream
Abandon your dreams
It's all for the kids

Maybe I can't save you, but I can do my best to help somebody else

We know the best cure is laughter so pure
And that is what you're in store for for sure

We will be the guillotine and separate your sadness from your health
Track Name: I'm Not My Own Biggest Fan
You are not the first one to believe in me
Guess something you said though got through to me

But I'm not my biggest fan even though some days I am
What a paradox I know, gotta learn to let things go

And I'm trying, yeah I'm trying
To believe in me

I was not the first one to believe in me
But I'll get on the wagon and in time start to see

And to my wife and my little sister, I know you're both my biggest fans
And both my parents are amazing, I know you do the best you can
I've got great friends who all support me, I'm making new ones every day
Don't let these feelings half destroy you, don't let the doubts eat you away

But I'm not my biggest fan even though some days I am
What a paradox I know, gotta take things as I go
Track Name: Mountains From Geometry [INTERLUDE]
Bury me, bury me in a cemetery of symmetry
Line us up like rows of tiny trees
Making mountains from geometry

All creation groans
The saviour waits inside our homes
He watches us, he's taking notes
Who are we when doors are closed

Bury me, bury in a simple tree memory
Watch me break the ground quietly
In a future where we'll never be
Track Name: With Our Own Hands
I want to stay where I am
I didn't have a stronger plan

Take me back before attack
Because the default
And now it's my fault
You and I aren't so designed
No one's perfect but we're still worth it

This is how it is and no agenda's gonna fix
Who we are and what we've done
With our own hands

We are the least of these things
The darkness of our hearts is something we can't fix
On our own

On our own
On our own
But we are not alone

So wait for me, I don't want to tell you twice
So now we won't survive by ignoring good advice

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