Closer Than The Words

by Dearest Raven



A songs for fans of acoustic rock written by two people who work together at a music shop.


released August 5, 2016

All songs written, recorded and produced by Brendan Horn & Dave Scotland.

Dave Scotland:
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Programming, Drum Programming, and Rough Mixing

Brendan Horn:
Vocals, Arrangement, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Programming, Drum Programming, Final Mix and Mastering


all rights reserved


Track Name: Waiting For The World
Face first in a handful of glass
You got me hardwired and looking into the past
You want me to say something that will make this thing last
I never said I'd live forever when we sat on the grass
Last summer

We're waiting for the world to turn (around)
We're waiting for the world to burn (down)

Turned tables and a record to catch
It's not a half measure now I'm striking a match
The world is on fire but we're feeling the cold
I never said I'd fight the feeling if we start to get old
Remind me

I watched the sun in the sky
I see the tears that you cry
I never questioned the reason for our resistance
I watched the desert reply
With arms outstretched to the sky
I never questioned the reason for our persistence
I held you closer than skin
Until you saw me again
You never questioned the reason for my existence
You shone like light from the sun
Accepted where it came from
You never questioned the reason for my persistence
Track Name: William Tell
Just hold still you promise not to hurt me but I think you will
Just hold still experience is learning, but some things can kill you

I don't wanna be another story on the six fifteen
Knew you would be trouble, but I didn't know what it could mean

Just hold still an apple on my forehead and you might be crazy
Just hold still my bind fold covered eyes, maybe I'm who's crazy

I don't wanna have another hole for me to patch up
When it comes to you it seems I'm always playing catch up

Separate times with separate lives
Smooth as silk, with dark edge lines
Every time we don't succeed
You always give me what I need
Every time we close our eyes
We wake up knowing we're alive
Track Name: Take
Singing with a new voice
Using someone's words
Your quiet conversations
Are always over heard
Every time we leave here
We leave a tiny piece
And every time we come here
We find a little peace

Enemies closer than shirt they're gonna take from your back

Speaking with an old voice
Using no one's words
Your quiet conversations
Are always so rehearsed
Every time we meet here
We lose a little trust
Every time we leave here
We find out that we must

Enemies closer than the mark they left from burning your skin

Taking what you wanted
You stealing from the poor
You paint yourself the hero
But you started the war
Your words carry the secrets
Seducing to the ears
You drink up every poison
We mixed in with our tears

Enemies closer than the words you're gonna spit from your mouth

Nobody's gonna take from me
What I've got to give
Nobody's gonna take from me
This life I'm gonna live
Track Name: Slip Away
I gotta say, gotta say, gotta say, gotta say,
You love me in worst way, in the worst way
I gotta say, gotta say, gotta say, gotta say,
You come and then you go away
And then you go away

I gotta say, gotta say, gotta say, gotta say,
You're sunshine and it won't rain
It just won't rain
I gotta say, gotta say, gotta say, gotta say,
I need you in my dark days
In my worst days

Six feet under a car we're gonna die some day
Don't let this slip away
Don't let me slip away
Six weeks on from now we're gonna find a way
We're gonna be okay
I'm gonna be okay

Point me in the right direction
Love is more than mere affection
You gotta work, gotta work, gotta work, gotta work at it
It's gotta hurt, gotta hurt, gotta hurt so you know that you want it
Track Name: Getting Close To One Another
Safe in the sky
The clouds, you and I
No reason to land
Just you and I
The world spinning by
No reason to care

On and on we travel
Getting close to one another
But do we see the end approaching?
On and on we travel
Falling further into friendship
But do we see the hands, closing?

Safe in the sea
The fish, you and me
No reason to breath
Deep under blue
No sense of what's true
No light here to see
Track Name: Investment Opportunity
Colours move
Back and forth
They sway so gently
From the south to north
The paint brush knows
The canvas' soul
And neither one
Wants to be in control

I could paint what you want to see
But what you see isn't clear to me

I could go if you want me to
Investing more than we can afford to lose
I've got shares in success you see
Take a chance, put your faith in me
Take a chance.

I could leave if you want me to
But bailing out is an awful thing to do
I had shares in a future me
Take a chance, invest yourself with me
Take a chance, invest yourself with me

Fingers move
Up and down
Depressing keys so they make that sound
The hammers move
In perfect sync
But with no strings
There's no music

I could sing what you want to hear
But the words that you're sayin' aren't clear

Floor boards groan
Under your feet
You move so lightly
But they will still squeak
Your dancing days
Are far from gone
Will you find a partner
For your favourite song

I could dance if I wanted to
You're moving faster than I could ever move

Invest yourself with me
Improve our equity
Just put some faith in me
Track Name: Smile, Nod & Sing Along
Everybody's looking for their sound
Looking up when everybody looks down
We get stuck on the little things
We can't lie for truth
We can't fight for peace

Everybody's looking for their own
Get it quick before up you get shown
We get stuck on the simple things
We can't die for life
We ain't quiet to sing

I cannot figure out these things you're trying to say
But I just smile and nod, and sing along anyway
Track Name: Role Reversal (Blue Collar Torn)
Small town friends with these big city blues
Are we losing touch, or am I losing you?
Got my blue collar torn in the chain link fence
Got my hands all dirty with my best defense

Is it burger and fries or is it coffee to go?
Is it time to act now, or time to act slow?

Worlds apart when sitting on the sofa
Distance between us never gets any closer
I got nothing say but you got nothing to LOSE
So let's play role reversal, you be me, I'll be you

Not so fast, did you think I would quit?
I spent 8 years waiting, and then bam that's just it?
I got my lottery ticket on the day we first met
And I'm cashing it in, just to see what I get

Is it jackpot tonight or will it raise up the stakes?
Will you jump on the gas, or slam down hard on the breaks?
If I knew the direction, I'd know how long it takes...
Is it one of the real ones or hundreds of fakes?

Small town friends with these big city blues
Small decisions, but there's big things to choose
In the end I know what you're going to do
Put your faith in me like I did with you
Track Name: Stranglehold
I set traps around my house
To catch myself out
My clothes are on my floor
But I wear the self doubt

I pitch plans in black tie up your hands
I'm left feet if you had come to dance
I'm all head and you have so much heart
I stop dead when you warm up to start

I take pictures of my hands
I know them like them
I set practice against plans
Best 6 out of 10

I pitch tents in backyards of your friends
I make means out of this street's dead ends
I'm all head and you have so much heart
I look blunt, but touch me, I feel sharp

Dig a hole and fill it up
Am I too close to you?
With all the things you never took for you to see the truth?
Find a cave and seal it up in everything I do
You found the words but lack the guts
I do it cause of you

So tell me if you think we'll break the strangle hold
These young hearts growing old
So tell me if you think we'll ever really feel the cold
If sold out is how we're sold
Track Name: Still Happy After All These Years
Shake, shake, shake this tree of opportunity
Shake, shake, shake these hands of false humility

Where did you go when we both call it a day?
Is there a reason why you're staying away?
Nobody told me that you'd be here today
But if they did, then I'd have someone to blame

It's good to see you
After these years...

I guess it's true, when it all hangs on you
You get the weight of the world

Late, late, late, late, late or never?
These hands are far too cold, for sunny weather

Some days you find yourself reliving the past
Despite the distance is becoming so vast
They always said that this could never have last
But who'd have guess it would be over so fast?

What is a shadow
But absence of sun?
What is the point
Of everything I've become
I've undone what I've begun
What is a liar
But an absence of truth?
What is the evidence
But pulling the proof?
We've undone what we've begun

I don't want any more excuses
I've had enough of your clever ruses
You're 16 and you're covered in bruises
I'm out cause I'm borderline useless
I don't want any more nostalgia
You mistreat everybody around ya
You're 16 and you're starting to flounder
So thank God for the people around ya oh
Track Name: The Way We Came In
Last night the anchor broke and set our little boat free
And sent you sailing on the wind so far away from me
I stood just like a statue with the other ships in dock
And asked God for a favour, would he make the wind just stop
That night I learnt a lesson that I never will forget
God makes all the promises, and we're just making bets
That night when all my hopes and dreams were running out to sea
Our little boat sank and brought you home and back to me

We sell ourselves these things
But lose them in our sleep

They say that we go out the same
Way we came in
They say that we take nothing but
Our characters
They say that we lie to ourselves
How do they know?
They say that we all steal something
Our friends and foes

Another night you packed your things and then you headed out
I didn't even notice that your voice had faded now
So now I am an island and you are a sinking ship
I'd say I am your saviour, but I'm slowly losing grip

We sell ourselves these clothes
But never wear them out
We buy up all the words
But never make a sound

We tell ourselves these things
But never really hear
We strive to go so far
But end up oh so near

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