RWBY: Saving You & All Your Friends Feat. Gemma Horn [WIP​/​Demo]

by boyonastring

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Work In Progress/Demo track about Raven's relationship with Yang.
Highly speculatory, and written before Volume 5 Finale release.
Lyrics subject to change with reflection/more accurate revisions.


So you could say
I didn't want to be this way
But I've got work to and next to you
I never seem to rate
And I believe
You wear your heart out on your sleeve
But this is war for now
And I'm going down
If I make it out we're safe

No you don't understand
What I'm doing for you so baby
Go pick up your hand
I can't hide from the truth
I'm saving you and all your friends
I'm saving you and all your friends

And by the way
When I asked if you would stay
I know I came on strong,
and it played out wrong
What I wanted was my way
You'll never know
All the reasons I let go
But you are stronger now
Had to go to ground
I guess the future's yet to show

I just want you to want me
(I want to)
I just need you to need me
(I need to)
(Tell you that but you'd never hear it from me)


released January 21, 2018
All instruments by Brendan Horn, except guest vocals by Gemma Horn.


all rights reserved


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