All Acoustic. All The Time.

by boyonastring



"Live" acoustic versions of some of my RT/AH songs.
All songs were multi-tracked but only in one take.
This means I was able to pretend I was 4 separate people playing all at once whilst not defying the laws of physics.
Since it was "live" there are plenty of live elements (known as mistakes).


released January 22, 2016

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn
Mixed by Brendan Horn


all rights reserved


Track Name: Team Lads
They're on the screen
They're a team
If you call it a team you might mean
They're a group
Or a troop
They're a collection of misspent youth

Oh the young bloods
Oh the young
From the depths of their hearts
To the tips of their tongues
Raining fire
Reign of fun
Coming down from the sky
Falling on everyone

They're in a dream
It's a scene
Of impossible scenarios
And that nose
Really knows
From the tip of it right to his toes

C'mon boyz this is what we're here for
C'mon lads this is what we've always waited to be
C'mon boyz this is what we're made of
What we're made of

Michael, Ray, Gavin
Mogar, X Ray, Vav
Track Name: Tower Of Pimps
On days like this
I'm glad that I'm alive
So I can see
The whole world passing by
And when I go
I'd like to leave behind
A legacy
From me to all mankind

On days like these
I'm happy when online
Except for when
Their comments make me cry
And then I see
A little hope inside
A monument
To get behind

Anybody could've made it
And anybody can make it today
But only one guy could've named it
And he did, and it's never [ever] gonna be the same

On days like this
I think about the scale
Of Youtube's reach
And numbers simply fail
And what they made
And joked about online
Has built a name
In record time
Track Name: Lindsay
Do you know what it feels like
To be a single A battery?
What use is it anyway?
Like winning a 10 cent lottery

The hand behind the camera
The voice behind a jewel
The female Achievement Hunter
The other one in the room
The hands behind the editing
Of Lets Plays now and then
Deserves her share of credit
For putting up with them

Do you know what it feels like
To be an Internet cat?
Can I has the grape fruit?
Do you wants to Google Chat?

Lindsay you found a reason in him
Like the reason for gravity
And your lungs start breathe it in
Fill your heart like a cavity
Oh oh oh
Track Name: The Brownest Of All The Men
YOLO // You only live once
Put your hands in the air // Cause it's time to have fun
YOLO // You only live once
Put your hands in the air, cause it's time to!

His name is Ray Narvez Jr
He is good as they get
He's got a massive gamer score
But he worked hard to get it
YOLO, am I right?
He's a catchphrase machine
So good at playing games it's just a bit obscene
Not gonna lie, he's a head hunting pro
Got his squeaky flipping chair like his very own studio
Lived in a crappy New York house
In a crappy New York street
Moved to Austin cause there's way more good food there to eat

This time we're going all the way [hey!]
Yeah, yeah he am here to stay
Let's Play [Let's play]
And waste these days away
With the brownest of all men!

L. L. Let's play
Got a Jr in his name
Making weird pop references
In every single game
Everything he touches
Turns to Achievement Hunter gold
It's kinda like the Midas touch
Like the legend had foretold
He is X-Ray, man, you got to see his pose
Standing next to the guy with the 6 o'clock Nose
Nah, making jokes is his primary goal
And for the last few years he has been on a roll

Kicking ass in teams of 3
Quick remarks, clever lines
Hanging out with all the guys
Does his job, does it well
Achievement hunting can be swell
10 of 10, completely done
Giving shout outs to his mum
Visual jokes, sexist names
Doing Let's Plays in stupid games
Versus Champ, Tower Of Pimps
Going cakeless cause he's no whimp
Track Name: Team Nice Dynamite
Explosions off in the distance
Friendships that peak our interest
Blood is thicker than a cup of this Riot punch
A mandate to man date when push comes to violent shove

Every single day they find another thing to tease
And every single day they find another thing they need

Emotion they can't explain it
Commotion, you won't retain it

Playing games and calling names to keep it so routine
Using words that sound like sounds explain just what you mean
Separate people separate countries bring them closer now
Entertain the masses but they never take a bow

Team Nice Dynamite
Michael & Gavin
You're my boy
Track Name: X-Ray & Vav
In the deepest darkest regions
Of the deepest darkest cave
You can find a super duo
Trying to find someone to save

Vav & X-Ray costumes are hanging in the wings
Waiting for a reason to don their super things

In the tighest brightest costumes
In this lovely Texas state
You can find our super duo
Just about to take the stage [AWAY]

RTX is starting they better get there quick
Looking at their package, they make each other sick

Ladies please, try to contain yourselves
They may be heroes, but they are just still themselves

On, and on
The lines go
On, and on and on and on...
And maybe they can save us
Cause our boredom was ours all along

C'mon boys, show us the ropes
Track Name: The Mad King
Madman, crazy, call me insane
I've got brilliant ideas bouncing round my brain
They impune my honour and they say my name
"He's the mad king" is what they say
Well they're pretty spot on
They're pretty much right
Keeping friends so close
keeping things up tight
But I'm not mad, no I'm so sane
It's the rest of the world that's off its chain

He's a bringer of comedy
Repeated over every week
He's a logical devotee
Explaining things to Gavin Free
I can barely remember when
The lets play didn't in-clude him
He's the maddest of all the kings
But that became his trademark thing
That became his trademark thing

When I am the king the whole game moves
To weird requests to do with hooves
And vague statements about things to do
To gain a gold block or a bowl of stew
Let me be clear, I deserve this crown
Dug up miles of earth deep below the ground
Spent a day or two cutting y'all down
Speaking proper words, using verbs and nouns
Let me be clear, I deserve this crown
Up standing citizen in Achievement Town
I live in Kung Foo house hanging out with a cow
I'm the Mad King and I'm ruling now

If all the kings
In all the land
Could ever make him sane again
His baby brain
Would just kick in
Cause Ryan's wants to ruin things
Track Name: I'm Sorry, Jack
I'm sorry Jack
I couldn't write you a song
I just don't know where you are going
Or where you have come from
You're good a Trials
And Geoff makes fun of you
When in Minecraft, you like building stairs
And are impartial to some brew

Change the catchphrase
Change the man
I'm sure understand
Change of weather
Change of plan
You've seen it all first hand

I'm sorry Jack
If this song seems kinda lame
It's a series of connect thoughts
From the corners of my brain
Track Name: The Twins
Two of a kind, an ace up my sleeve
Two separate people, with two separate needs
A hot headed chick, an a cool headed bro
Ones got an AI and the other one don't...
The mission's success was compromised by
Your impatient streak, as time passes by
Your arrogant mind, you run off your mouth
So take notes on this, my dear Agent South

Ever since, we were just kids
People found ways to put us together
Pulling strings, and other things
Seems like we might be stuck with each other

Certain things, division brings
Teamwork between us will disappear
You shoot me in the back, which is all that I feared

There's no I in team, there's no me in us
There's no one but me, no one you can trust
There's no I in team, there's no me in us

It all goes South, when she opens her mouth
Now it's up to North, to correct their course

It all goes South, when she opens her mouth
And it all goes west, though they try their best
Now it's up to North, to correct their course
If you're left for dead, just call for Tex instead

Before I gave up on your life
I need you so bad, I need you so so bad
Before I put you in harms way
I missed you so bad, and you should know that
Brother you should know that
Track Name: D Is For Delta
Hey D...That's me. I'm the one in the green
I can't fly a plane. I don't need to sleep
You're smart...In way, if you want me to boast
There's a heap of cool things that I can help my host
Like what? Calculations on trajectory, probability, you get the best from me
No less, cause I'm super analytical, a little critical, a little cold on occasion

If we built it up they will tear it down
If we give it up they will take it now
If we built it, they will break it
If we give it, they will take it away

Hey D...Logical to the Nth degree, a little piece of me
Thinks about what we're doing
And if maybe there is a shred of doubt
Well then you'll hear me out about the Alpha and it's namesakes
Sometimes I remember little things and sometimes Sigma brings it all back into the limelight
I confess that I have more to me than what they all can see and maybe one day I will show them

Okay, quit the small talk, let me think this out
Out loud and we'll figure this out
Say what? Got an AI unit in the battle field
Leveling the playing field, serving up my foes on a silver platter

Sigma was the creativity and Gamma was deceit and Theta probably was it's childhood
Omega's rage was so un-tameable. They've broken all the rules but our tests are showing all good
Track Name: Advantage, Texas
Yeah! Freelancer Agent Tex!

Texas wants and Texas gets
No second chances, and no regrets
She'll beat your ass all black and blue
And she'll never stop til she's through with you
Thinking quick. Fighting hard
Whether on the floor or in the yard
She's just a shade of what she was
Don't mention it, or else because

Pain, will come down like a rain on you.
If you think you hold your own think twice
She's got her sights on you
So run! Run until you can't run anymore
Then beg, hope she sees your point of view
Before she kicks your ass

Advantage, Texas
3 on 1 but you're still alive
Advantage, Texas
Tell me about it, what does it feel like
Track Name: I'm Gonna Want That Back In A Minute
Hey rookie. Go the store and get elbow grease and head light fluid
We need to tune the puma up (tune the warthog up)
Why are we here? A cosmic accident or a divine plan?
Why are we here? I don't know but it keeps me up at night

We are, we are so miserable
We've done this to ourselves
And we'll do it all again

Hey rookie. Go guard the flag and pay attention to every detail
We gotta run the tutorial (always run the tutorial)
Why are we here? A cosmic accident or a divine plan?
Why are we here? When we could be sitting pretty in a room with a view over there...

Hey rookies, you get along so well
Standing at ease, talking 'bout intel and who you'll displease if you go and tell all your plans, also Tucker smells
Hey rookies ,playing truth or dare
Semi-slumber party with your female flair
Lightish red is garish to you
But it doesn't even matter if your name's Caboose
Track Name: Texas, Obviously
Well it's kinda obvious to me
Yeah, it's obvious, as plain as you can see
Well it's kinda obvious to see
That these words would only ever set you free

Just say it, just say those words
Don't keep me, hanging on!

You suck!

It's always been this way
As long as I can remember
It's always been you and me
Inseparable, like the shore & sea

Just say it, just say those words

I need you to say it
"I forget you"
It's always been you the alpha remembered
Track Name: I Just Wish She Hadn't...
I am giving up on chasing ghosts
All these memories are what haunt me most
If I dig them up they will swallow me
If I let them go I might finally be free

I am giving up on ever finding you
It is all it seems that I can really do
So statistically they say odds are up
Though I always seem to rely on luck

Don't beg, don't borrow, don't ever steal something you can get for free
I can't cope without hope. Don't ever say something you can not repeat

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