What's Good For The Goose [WIP​/​Demo]

by boyonastring

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Work in progress song about one of my closest friends, my younger sister, leaving our hometown for work.
She was worried that I would take it badly since we are so close but I knew that she had to leave to spread her wings and get on with her life.


I'm not gonna waste your time
Saying all the things that come to mind
But I'm gonna write this song for you
I'm not gonna speak my mind
When the memories are hard to find
But I'm gonna play a song or two

You were always made for better things...

You gotta get out of this hole in the ground town
Where everyone lets their dreams die young
On a backroom couch on a Sunday afternoon
Too soon but it's good for you
And I'm proud though it's too soon
Too soon, but it's good for you
So it's good for you

I'm not gonna stand around
Looking for something that can't be found
No I'm gonna help you on your way
You're out on a brand new limb
And you're gonna find it's sink or swim
But I know your breathing is OK

I'm gonna miss you in the little things...

I'm gonna miss you in the little things
But a silence is what absence brings
You were always meant for better things
I'm gonna miss you in the little things!


released February 19, 2018
All instruments performed LIVE by Brendan Horn.
Artwork by Brendan Horn.


all rights reserved


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