Honestly, Honestly (Live & Acoustic)

by Boy On A String

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Live & Acoustic version of "Honestly, Honestly" from RWBY: If There Was A Moment, I Guess We Missed it.

Check out the video:


I'm wishing you'd come close
You're wishing she'd come closer
I lie awake at night
Less than several feet from what I hope for
There's so much more to me
That what is obvious to
Everybody else, and if you're falling down
I'm there to catch you

No matter what I do I can't get over you
Honestly, honestly there is nothing I can do
No matter what I say, I know who's in the way
Honestly, honestly I don't know how long to wait

You have a certain charm
A certain ignorance that I'm attracted to
And with you, you are a little clueless
We're standing very close (very close)
But you're a thousand worlds (no cigar)
Away from where I am (no cigar)
And I can't stand to bring myself much closer

If there was a moment I guess we missed it
Long ago I know that no one's perfect
You and I, our time, we missed it like a
Bus or train it's a shame, we could have had it all

No matter what I do (No matter what I do)
I can't get over you (I can't get over you)
Honestly, honestly
There is nothing I can do (nothing I can do)
No matter what I say (No matter what I say)
I know who's in the way (I know I'm in the way)
Honestly, honestly
I don't know how long I'll wait

Please just don't say you don't
And I won't say I won't
Honestly, honestly this is what I really want (it's what I really want)
Stuck in the friendship zone
The two of us alone
Honestly, honestly (honestly, honestly)
How could you have not have known? (how did you not even know?)


released December 25, 2016
Video shot by Emma Marie Horn Photography
Video and Audio edited by Brendan Horn
Performed by Brendan Horn LIVE.



all rights reserved