RvB: Resung (Part 2)

by boyonastring

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DIGITAL RE-RELEASE: Part 2 of 2 RvB: Resung.
Songs inspired by the popular web series RedvsBlue.
For full effect of album, download Part 1 here:


released May 16, 2015

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn.
All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2013.
Tracks 3 (The Meta) and 9 (The Twins) have motifs composed by Jeff Williams.
Use of RedvsBlue/RoosterTeeth references sound clips, likeness or events are in tribute as fan art.


all rights reserved


Track Name: I'm Gonna Want That Back In A Minute
Hey rookie. Go the store and get elbow grease and head light fluid
We need to tune the puma up (tune the warthog up)
Why are we here? A cosmic accident or a divine plan?
Why are we here? I don't know but it keeps me up at night

We are, we are so miserable
We've done this to ourselves
And we'll do it all again

Hey rookie. Go guard the flag and pay attention to every detail
We gotta run the tutorial (always run the tutorial)
Why are we here? A cosmic accident or a divine plan?
Why are we here? When we could be sitting pretty in a room with a view over there...

Hey rookies, you get along so well
Standing at ease, talking 'bout intel and who you'll displease if you go and tell all your plans, also Tucker smells
Hey rookies ,playing truth or dare
Semi-slumber party with your female flair
Lightish red is garish to you
But it doesn't even matter if your name's Caboose
Track Name: I Just Wish She Hadn't...
I am giving up on chasing ghosts
All these memories are what haunt me most
If I dig them up they will swallow me
If I let them go I might finally be free

I am giving up on ever finding you
It is all it seems that I can really do
So statistically they say odds are up
Though I always seem to rely on luck

Don't beg, don't borrow, don't ever steal something you can get for free
I can't cope without hope. Don't ever say something you can not repeat
Track Name: The Meta
We are the Meta and we're coming for you
No matter who you are or what you can do
We are a power of unstoppable force
Gaining momentum as we steady our course

Destroyed by our creator
We shed ourselves to stay alive
But now we are recollecting
Our memory is the key...

I need to know who I am
Before I know what to do
These words you say are like sand
And they just keep slipping through
These days and nights are our song
You just can't sing them in tune
The battle rages ahead
And victory is in view

I see the future ahead
It's brighter now that we're here
We're sharing thoughts in Maine's head
And our intentions are clear
All our emotional states
All our residual fears
Deposited into Maine
And now it's all that he hears

Recollect and then recreate
Turn the page and then relocate
You've got your shiny new bases
But you don't know what you're facing
Revelations you revelate
Reiterations you iterate
You've got your shiny new bases
But never knew what you're facing

Sigma's gone and now Delta too
Gamma lies and now so do you
Omega's rage and dear Theta
Assigned to each operator
We bind together to form a team
The Meta was what we had always dreamed
A step towards another Alpha
Was more than any of us asked for
Track Name: No Man Should Have That Kind Of Power
I should've stayed in bed

I can't help tuning out to every single word that you say
All your nerd stuff, you talk talk talking away
It's old news now, dude, just give it a rest
Cause the blues team sucks, and Red was always the best
I can't help zoning out whenever I'm required to work
It's a habit, and Sarge can be kind of a jerk
Why on Earth, or where ever we are?
Would I break a streak that has got me this far?

I guess the reasons for my actions are irrelevant now
If the milk's free, why would you bother the cow?
Think my sister's dead in a canyon somewhere
You could call me cold, but I just don't care

Completely stoppable, already stopped
Not going anywhere or calling the shots
Sneaky naps are best naps of all
It's how I lived, and it is how I will fall

My mission clock is broken like everything you said
The greatest thing I'm hoping Iis to get back in bed
My armour colour's orange not yellow like my skin
I'm lazy and a coward but at least I'm not like them

My team mates are retarded, my boss is thick as a brick
I guess Donut is good hearted but reminds me of a chick
The Blue guys in this canyon incompetent as well
And if I died tomorrow I guess, I guess the army looks like hell

A piece of me is missing. This canyon stole my soul
My brain behind my eyelids has lost all of it's control
A part of me is hoping I'd die and leave this war
The other part's complaining, reminds me that I'm bored

Our code word is our code word, sometimes we fight the Blues
Most days we just insult them, what else is there to do?
When Simmons isn't looking, I spit on all his food
Then Donut sings a show tune to put us in the mood
Track Name: Talk, Sleep And Eat
I'm like a ghost, I never sleep
And Tex is there, she haunts my dreams
And then I wake, and I'm still here
This canyon sucks, we have no beer

I just repeat, talk, sleep and eat
The days here last for years
The sun won't set, I can't forget
We're almost bored to tears

Oh cry me a river if that's what you want

I hate this place, it doesn't change
It wears me down, and rots my brain

Stuck here in this canyon with people like you
Driving me crazy like you know you do
Asking me questions, complaining all day
Driving me crazy but I've got to stay

No matter how bad it seems
It could be no worse to me
No matter how good it gets
It could be no better yet
No matter how weird things seem
Like fighting within a dream
No matter how far you go
This canyon will always be home
Track Name: Texas, Obviously
Well it's kinda obvious to me
Yeah, it's obvious, as plain as you can see
Well it's kinda obvious to see
That these words would only ever set you free

Just say it, just say those words
Don't keep me, hanging on!

You suck!

It's always been this way
As long as I can remember
It's always been you and me
Inseparable, like the shore & sea

Just say it, just say those words

I need you to say it
"I forget you"
It's always been you the alpha remembered
Track Name: The Twins
Two of a kind, an ace up my sleeve
Two separate people, with two separate needs
A hot headed chick, an a cool headed bro
Ones got an AI and the other one don't...
The mission's success was compromised by
Your impatient streak, as time passes by
Your arrogant mind, you run off your mouth
So take notes on this, my dear Agent South

Ever since, we were just kids
People found ways to put us together
Pulling strings, and other things
Seems like we might be stuck with each other

Certain things, division brings
Teamwork between us will disappear
You shoot me in the back, which is all that I feared

There's no I in team, there's no me in us
There's no one but me, no one you can trust
There's no I in team, there's no me in us

It all goes South, when she opens her mouth
Now it's up to North, to correct their course

It all goes South, when she opens her mouth
And it all goes west, though they try their best
Now it's up to North, to correct their course
If you're left for dead, just call for Tex instead

Before I gave up on your life
I need you so bad, I need you so so bad
Before I put you in harms way
I missed you so bad, and you should know that
Brother you should know that
Track Name: Welcome To The Jungle
Welcome to the jungle
Where everybody wants a piece of you
You got skills, to pay the bills
Project Freelancer represent

Can you handle a 45? Yeah?
Then you're gonna stay alive

Welcome to the future
Where soldiers are much more than men
They got skills, they shaking hills
Never mind the fall out they leave it out

Welcome: taste oblivion.
Which tastes like Red Bull
Which is disgusting

Welcome to the jungle,
Where traitors run with the wolves in the pack
You need drive, to stay alive
Shotgun shells and a sniper attack
Let's go...
To the future,
I don't care about the past anymore
I tell lies, and analyse
Your reactions to these crimes

This is now, that was then.

We can't go back to how it was
No more can we turn back the clock
We can't go back to who were before this
They've changed us now and now we're locked in

Welcome to the hard fight, to the snap
We fight to survive and survive to fight
Welcome to the fury
Judge and jury (jury)

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