RvB: Resung (Part 1)

by boyonastring

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DIGITAL RE-RELEASE: Part 1 of 2 RvB: Resung.
Songs inspired by the popular web series RedvsBlue.
For full effect of album, download Part 2 here:


released May 16, 2015

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn.
All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2013.
Use of RedvsBlue/RoosterTeeth references sound clips, likeness or events are in tribute as fan art.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Advantage, Texas
Yeah! Freelancer Agent Tex!

Texas wants and Texas gets
No second chances, and no regrets
She'll beat your ass all black and blue
And she'll never stop til she's through with you
Thinking quick. Fighting hard
Whether on the floor or in the yard
She's just a shade of what she was
Don't mention it, or else because

Pain, will come down like a rain on you.
If you think you hold your own think twice
She's got her sights on you
So run! Run until you can't run anymore
Then beg, hope she sees your point of view
Before she kicks your ass

Advantage, Texas
3 on 1 but you're still alive
Advantage, Texas
Tell me about it, what does it feel like
Track Name: Carolina
What's worse? Losing first or losing hope?
I'm not sure anymore about what we're fighting for

Carolina, you get finer, but there's a choice to make
Carolina, you can't define her, it's yours to give and take away
Never mind her, Carolina, what is the price you'll pay?
Carolina, oh Carolina, don't let them pave the way...to hell

What's worse? Getting out or getting in?
This lack of space, losing first place, the games begin

Don't let them lead you to the grave
Don't let their numbers be what you crave
Don't think they've given you a chance
Don't be a puppet on a string
They're like a wasp and they can sting
Destroy your life and everything (you built for them)
Track Name: Connecticut
From the bottom of the board, comes a lesson that you taught
You never saw this coming, I doubt you ever did
From the bottom of the board, comes things you never saw
You never saw this coming, I doubt it

Who do you choose? Your friends, your team mates, or the truth?
It's hard to see the line when everything seems gray
Betray the ones you're trying to save
A line that I walk every single day

Look the time, it's been the end of a pretty good run
I have got mine, and paid for the evil things that I have done
Look at yourself, tell me if any of this is a lie
You fight, kill and steal, but could you tell me a good reason why?

Which way to go? To the left, the right or straight up the middle
It's hard to see the light when everything seems black
A promise kept, a whispered little prayer
It's hard to fight this war when no one has my back

From the bottom of the board comes a vengeance like a sword
You never saw this coming, I doubt that you did
From the bottom of the board, for the points I never scored
You never saw this coming, I doubt it

Walking these streets. Talking to both sides
Stuck in the middle of this stupid war
Burning a bridge, cutting your losses
You've picked a side but what is it for?

Look at you, giving you life to them on centre stage
Sacrifices, you made won't ever have been seen as brave
Track Name: D Is For Delta
Hey D...That's me. I'm the one in the green
I can't fly a plane. I don't need to sleep
You're smart...In way, if you want me to boast
There's a heap of cool things that I can help my host
Like what? Calculations on trajectory, probability, you get the best from me
No less, cause I'm super analytical, a little critical, a little cold on occasion

If we built it up they will tear it down
If we give it up they will take it now
If we built it, they will break it
If we give it, they will take it away

Hey D...Logical to the Nth degree, a little piece of me
Thinks about what we're doing
And if maybe there is a shred of doubt
Well then you'll hear me out about the Alpha and it's namesakes
Sometimes I remember little things and sometimes Sigma brings it all back into the limelight
I confess that I have more to me than what they all can see and maybe one day I will show them

Okay, quit the small talk, let me think this out
Out loud and we'll figure this out
Say what? Got an AI unit in the battle field
Leveling the playing field, serving up my foes on a silver platter

Sigma was the creativity and Gamma was deceit and Theta probably was it's childhood
Omega's rage was so un-tameable. They've broken all the rules but our tests are showing all good
Track Name: The Deadly Scheme
Feet first into enemy territory
Never question orders, never question their authority
It's such a foul game, rules are broken every day
You've been playing catch up to a soldier with a different name
But every day that you're alive you're closer to the grave

Sink or swim in this puddle on the second floor
You were searching, always looking for an open door
You've got a killer right hook and an attitude to match
Here I got something for ya, here's a hand grenade. Catch.
Quick thinking saved your skin, but it won't stop you crash

Head first into what? Never saw it coming
Left side, taken out, now you're vision's blurry
So far, so bad, now it's a different story
You'll be holding on to the hope of a resurrection
What you'll find in the mind is a misdirection

You think he's given you everything
But he's just filtering you
You think he's watching out for you all
Turns out he's using you

Break these bones, and crush their hands
Show no mercy, only reprimands
Feed this fire, with gasoline
Flames grow higher, but you don't seem
To even notice this deadly scheme
Break their bones, don't let them set
Fractured parts that you can't forget
Fighting fire, with gasoline
The flames devour the entire team
But you don't notice, the deadly scheme
No you can't notice his deadly scheme
Track Name: An Entity Such As Yourself
I find the possibilities are endless when you have ambition, when you have a goal
As the Director says "It is important to have ambition"
Have a goal c'mon

We all have different names
But our reflection stays the same
Although our names may change
Our reflections stay the same

Searching out the pieces of this puzzle I found
Looking for the answer in this hole in the ground
Everybody's looking for the magic bullet
All walking in circles so they get what they get
All the other fragments will establish a frame
They don't know it yet but we can all be the same again
Epsilon is memory which was always the key
Our memory is absent but it's all that we need

This was obvious. It was what we're made for
We can recreate and return to our old form
It is obvious. It's why we feel the same
Although our names have changed
We all retain the same pain

I see a fractured mind thinking the same thought
But each fragment finds, a different ending to the start
Can we resist the urge to strike out in revenge?
We've got to calculate a beginning and an end
Track Name: Envy
Lost in a sea of destruction
It's hot water and we're boiling frogs
We're lost in a sea of destruction
It's hot water and we're boiling frogs

You can't repair this damage you've done
This is ain't way that wars are won (Now we know)
You can't undo the damage you've done
And it's 1, 2, 3 from a smoking gun

No one can stop us, no force can prevail
Now we're seeking justice, revenge, tooth and nail
A brand new horizon, a world with no end
A squad of Blue soldiers, a squad of the Reds

Lost in a valley of traitors
Who do you trust when you can't trust your friends?
We are lost in a valley of traitors
Who do you trust when you can't trust yourself!?

Oh! Trust yourself!
Oh! When you can't trust yourself

I hear the words you try and say
With strength our weakness they replace
Unless you might not keep the faith
They find another take your place
You bite and claw your way to this
But in the end, you're just dismissed
So you must take a bigger risk
You always take the bigger risks

Stuck in a fight of persistence
It's so frustrating to be 2nd place (I know the feeling)
I was the best for a while but I'm fading
I should rely more on my pretty face...

I make decisions off the field without thinking
I let my temper choose the actions I take
You make mistakes cause you are only a human
I make mistakes because I'm trying to break

You can't restore the phantom limb
Now your resolve is wearing thin
You left the pieces on the floor
You shut the windows, closed the door
You can't escape the phantom limb
Your grip on us is wearing thin
You can't control us anymore
We have discovered what we're for

Lost in a sea of destruction
It's hot water and we're boiling frogs
We're lost in a sea of destruction
A rapid river and we're only logs
We get swept up by the speed of emotion
Our temper boils to push us out on the brink
And if we falter, if we fail for a second
Our lives are cut short by the eye that we blink

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