Funhaus: Early Access EP

by boyonastring

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VERSE 1: Prepare for questions, prepare for awkward anecdotes With poor reception, specific humour we explore Prepare for comments that make the online critics cringe So condescending, the internet's a fickle bitch CHORUS: We never said, we never said that we were journalists We never claimed our opinions were opinion less We never meant what you graphically alluded to But in the end all you really want to hear is you VERSE 2: A frame of reference, a mildly standard point of view And angry comments, you know who said what and to who Prepare defences, we've got our facts straight so do you? We're left defenceless, a statue built on points of view BRIDGE: Why, why, do you ask us all the time? Why, why, do we have to pick a side? Why, why do we bother, do we try? Why, why do we have to pick a side? ALTERNATE CHORUS: We never said, we never said that we were journalists We never claimed our opinions were opinion less We never said what you practically accused us of And all the while you never saw where we were coming from
Demo Disk 03:06
VERSE 1: Let's see where this leads Let's just see where this goes Put the demo disk in Give it a chance, I suppose Lets see where this leads Lets just see where this goes Click the start on this game Give it a chance I suppose CHORUS: Too often we find, time after time Leads us to flash games if that's how you are inclined Too often we see a game that's supposed to be free Brings us more enjoyment than these demo CDs VERSE 2: Lets see where this leads Lets not pre-judge or presuppose Take that demo disk out Give it a bend and there it goes Lets not do this again Please Lets not re-subject ourselves Break that demo disk Bruce Try to protect ourselves I suppose BRIDGE: Where did they come from? Where are they going? Snapping those demos but otherwise was going
Peake 03:02
VERSE: He's at the top, he's at the apex of his game Wearing a crown, living the hey-est of heydays The height of his fandom, a pinnacle reached and vertex claimed He's at the top, he's at the apex of his game CHORUS: Gotta reach the top, gotta reach the top gotta reach the Peake (oh oh oh oh oh) Gotta reach the top, gotta reach the top gotta reach the Peake I have gotta reach BRIDGE: Acme, apex, crest and crown, heyday, height, pinnacle now Summit, vertex he's at the top of his game
Manhunter 02:59
VERSE 1: The greatest hero always finds a way to fight himself, and fight inside You think you know where they are, but you, have no idea Manhunter is at his best when he's bleeding out on the battle field Got a long range 50 cal and a Mai Tai in the other hand VERSE 2: Don't forget about Babyhunter, it is obvious that to me that he's critical Babyhunter you're simultaneously the best and the worst soldier War is hell. Oh no, the things he's seen. He killed a child, he just shot a baby! CHORUS: He's a bounty hunter with a heart of gold And this just won't get old Brought a sniper rifle to a knife fight, oh Or that's what we were told BRIDGE: This is worse than the time I got a roast beef without cheese I thought I could trust those guys at my favourite Arby's But it turns out to be like the Babyhunters' betrayal Delivered me a sandwich with cheese and it was stale! CHANT: JUST LIKE THE ROMANS! COUNTER BRIDGE: Go get 'em tiger COUNTER CHORUS: That's a frozen bird in the air, what a backwards country The birds refuse to fly in protest, it's a video game! OUTRO: Remember, when Manhunter starts sniping, everybody here bunch up.
Sex [S]Wing 02:07
VERSE 1: They're the worst of the baddest dudes around "Tha Schling is not impressed. He's absolutely not impressed" CHORUS 1: Tommy Steale, Spunky Bruester, Tha Schling and Jamez The Rip Her We are Sex Swing, got tons of bling, no summer fling, we are the kings of the world... ...Or just of our specific part of the internet VERSE 2: Hey Jamez, it's time for you to rip Oh wait, not yet, we've a second chorus CHORUS 2: Sex Swing, Sex Swing Got banned in Bejing Sex Swing, oh Sex Swing Shoe strangs Okay, Jamez now you can take it away Sex swing, sex swing, oh oh oh


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released January 24, 2016

All instruments performed by Brendan Horn
All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2015/2016

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