Achievement Jams (Part 2)

by boyonastring

CHORUS: This is the house that Jack built And Gavin burnt it down This was the house that Jack built They watched it burn to the ground No one saw it coming No one knew what to do VERSE 1: They cut down the forest And built a house on the sand Made sand into windows And tried to live on the land PRE CHORUS 1: They locked all their windows And shut all their doors To keep all the mobs out They slept on the floor VERSE 2: They looked out their windows And saw the mobs gather around Some zombies and spiders And skeletons knocking doors down PRE CHORUS 2: They banded together And drew wooden swords They waited for daylight To at-tack the hoard With victory behind them They gathered supplies And stored things inside which In hindsight's unwise
VERSE 1: I raise my voice My cords are burning like fire I take my volume up higher And rage on like a hurricane's son I raise my voice I shake the walls when I shout No chance of hearing you out PRE CHORUS 1: You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. But I'm pretty entertaining. SON OF A BITCH! Son of a bitch! My hands are balled in a fist Just as I start to get pissed And I raise my voice at this game Son of a bitch I smash the desk with my feet A victory would be sweet Pre Chorus 2: When angry count to four When very angry, swear CHORUS: C'mon c'mon is this brains over brawn? C'mon c'mon raging online until the dawn C'mon c'mon where did that come from?! Before you lie down Wake up the whole town
The Dance 01:15
VERSE 1: So you'll get a trillion dollars, but you talk in made up words When [you're] filming in slow motion, you can use the rule of thirds [You have a] secret identity, but we all know who you are Eating cheezos, milk and hurling in Immersion's racing car. VERSE 2: You have an A grade snoz, it is one for the ages You like betting with Michael, and/but he takes all of your wages You have your own vocabulary, most of us are stumped But when you say your sentences, we're almost always pumped VERSE 3: You're a credit to your country, or at least in terms of fun Your resume reads of all the unco things you've done There is no way we could imagine the team without you there You add a new dimension and take us nearly anywhere PRE CHORUS 1: You're having bevs with all the lads Talking about the latest wags They haven't got a clue what you are on about PRE 2 CHORUS 2: You're having bevs with all the lads Then you get hit in the nads Why would you hit a guy in the nads, with an egg? CHORUS: Gavin Free's making sense to me And the logical conclusion is in front of me Let's get to know your anatomy Especially the part of you that we don't see on screen BRIDGE: Flew across the world To entertain us all
VERSE 1: Some days things go your way Some days just don't Sometimes things go ok Sometimes things just won't PRE CHORUS 1: When the capture drops and picture fails When the connection is slow as snails When your audio is lost in space Back track your steps and just retrace VERSE 2: All these games that we play All these things we do So much of what we say Is what we give to you PRE CHORUS 2: When our tempers flare and chairs are flipped When it's awkward talk or mouths are zipped When we for-get to push our record Maybe something new is our reward CHORUS: Nothing ever goes as smooth as we all hope it will But we laugh it off, and just it's how we cope with it Most of what we do is just a fluke and we'll admit That's just how it is so we all laugh and go with it
X-Ray & Vav 03:04
VERSE 1: In the deepest darkest regions Of the deepest darkest cave You can find a super duo Trying to find someone to save Vav & X-Ray costumes are hanging in the wings Waiting for a reason to don their super things VERSE 2: In the tighest brightest costumes In this lovely Texas state You can find our super duo Just about to take the stage [AWAY] RTX is starting they better get there quick Looking at their package, they make each other sick CHORUS: Ladies please, try to contain yourselves They may be heroes, but they are just still themselves BRIDGE: On, and on The lines go On, and on and on and on... And maybe they can save us Cause our boredom was ours all along C'mon boys, show us the ropes
These guys, nice tights I won't deny it, I can't deny A bad guy, he must rise But only in the reprise
Flynt Coal 03:24
VERSE 1: His name is Flynt Coal He's not a half, he is a whole Got more dirt than a digging mole Lives on his own at the North Pole Puts the mine into mineral Multiple into several Got more swag than anyone Call him if you want things done VERSE 2: His name is Flynt Coal Also known as Mission Control He is a man with extra soul He doesn't walk, he always strolls If he bleeds it's bourbon sauce He calls tails in a coin toss Bets more on the underdog Kissed a girl and got a frog CHORUS: Flynt Coal, Flynt Coal A man unstop-a-able Flynt Coal, Flynt Coal Flynt Coal x2 Legend inseparable Flynt Coal, Flynt Coal, Flynt Coal
The Mad King 03:18
VERSE 1: Madman, crazy, call me insane I've got brilliant ideas bouncing round my brain They impune my honour and they say my name "He's the mad king" is what they say Well they're pretty spot on They're pretty much right Keeping friends so close keeping things up tight But I'm not mad, no I'm so sane It's the rest of the world that's off its chain CHORUS: He's a bringer of comedy Repeated over every week He's a logical devotee Explaining things to Gavin Free I can barely remember when The lets play didn't in-clude him He's the maddest of all the kings But that became his trademark thing That became his trademark thing VERSE 2: When I am the king the whole game moves To weird requests to do with hooves And vague statements about things to do To gain a gold block or a bowl of stew Let me be clear, I deserve this crown Dug up miles of earth deep below the ground Spent a day or two cutting y'all down Speaking proper words, using verbs and nouns Let me be clear, I deserve this crown Up standing citizen in Achievement Town I live in Kung Foo house hanging out with a cow I'm the Mad King and I'm ruling now BRIDGE: If all the kings In all the land Could ever make him sane again His baby brain Would just kick in Cause Ryan's wants to ruin things
VERSE 1: I'm sorry Jack I couldn't write you a song I just don't know where you are going Or where you have come from You're good a Trials And Geoff makes fun of you When in Minecraft, you like building stairs And are impartial to some brew CHORUS: Change the catchphrase Change the man I'm sure understand Change of weather Change of plan You've seen it all first hand VERSE 2: I'm sorry Jack If this song seems kinda lame It's a series of connect thoughts From the corners of my brain
These guys are good guys A villain rises, he's on the rise A bad guy, he's not nice He hates surprises, but he'll surprise He's no one, and nowhere But everything and he's everyone He's no one, and nowhere But everything and he's everyone
Outroduction 00:32


PART 2 (DISC 2) of 2 Achievement Jams.


released May 28, 2014

Flute on "Flynt Coal" by Gemma Squires
Trumpet on "Flynt Coal" by Isabella Harvey
Tenor Horn on "I'm Sorry, Jack" by Isabella Harvey
Trumpet on "I'm Sorry, Jack" by Isabella Harvey
All instruments by Brendan Horn

All songs are copyright Brendan Horn 2014. Use of Achievement Hunter/RoosterTeeth references sound clips, likeness or events are in tribute as fan art.

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Artwork by Brendan Horn 2014


all rights reserved


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