boyonastring light ep

by boyonastring

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VERSE 1: I am sitting on a chair And you're over there Sitting on a picnic rug You, you make it all so clear To me sitting here And it makes me want to shrug Oh oh oh it's so Oh oh oh it's so oh oh oh it's so clever Oh oh oh we know Oh oh oh we know oh oh oh now or never CHORUS: It's what pays the bills VERSE 2: You, you make it crystal clear Just what you want to hear Yeah on the radio Oh oh oh we're so Oh oh oh we're so Oh oh oh we're individual COUNTER CHORUS: You got your got request
VERSE 1: When life is an open book You read it when you can remember To take the chance you took And close your eyes til September When nobody is home And you're feeling alone Look up and I'll be there CHORUS: You're beautiful You're beautiful You're beautiful tonight VERSE 2: When angels turn away And you're feeling like an empty heart You know that I'm here to stay You know I'll always play my part When nobody's home And you're feeling alone Look up and I'll be there BRIDGE: Don't turn your back on me You know you'll always be
VERSE 1: Your first day at school Taught you kids were cruel Tied you by your shoes Stole your toys for news But you did not cry No you were polite And they pushed you to the ground Not a sound CHORUS: You're the last one picked You get so sick of it But it's you're destiny So take a breath and leave The only way you can VERSE 2: At the formal night You dressed up, just right You looked great looked fine They all crossed the line But you did not cry You just said goodbye And they drank themselves to sleep But not me BRIDGE: I do not think that was fair (of them so say) I do not think that you deserve to be hated (no I don't) I do not think that your destiny's hopeless You can change it yourself VERSE 3: In your bedroom now You'll get through somehow I watch on from space Long to touch your face But I will not cry As you heave a sigh I will catch you once again Cause you're my friend CHORUS 2: And we're the last ones picked We get so sick of it It's not our destiny It's not for you nor me To be the last ones picked And we're so sick of it We'll take our destiny And bring it to it's knees The only way we can
VERSE 1: Packing my things, making my way out past the memories Playing the game, taking the blame I fly out to the trees Clearing my head, waking the dead beside their childrens' dreams Filling the holes, climbing the poles that watch me tear the seams CHORUS: Wake up, get up, it's your time to shine Wake up, get up, or you'll lose your mind Wake up, get up, it's your time to shine VERSE 2: Hearing the breeze, climbing the trees that stand so tall to me Digging a hole, filling my soul so I can help you breathe Swallow the night, never alright you smile and drink your tea Selling your soul, losing control you smile and preach at me
VERSE 1: You take a left but I stick to the right I'd sit with you, even if it's all night Missed you for hours, for minutes, for days Told you I loved you, in a thousand new ways CHORUS: And you do feel like a girl with a Bruise over your heart like I Do feel like a boy with a New shiny new toy VERSE 2: Cut me to pieces with words like knife Home to the west, could I ask you to drive? Free like a bird, with a roof over head Trade off the ceiling, for a cage near the bed BRIDGE: Everything's moving, I can't stand around You taste the best, but I can't stand my ground Told you I loved you, but that's not the end Love is a message, so can't we be friends? COUNTER BRIDGE: Answer the question, unless I propose I thrive on action, and anything goes We're so, unusual, but you still agree Your (it) heart explodes with a love kept for me


released May 9, 2014


all rights reserved


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