Short Songs For Short Tempers


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Since when did I become so safe? Since when did life become about living day to day? Since when did I forsake my heart In a bag on the side of road? I ask you "Since when?" Since when did I become so sick? Since when did how I live, be defined by where I live? Yeah shake the world Yeah shake the world Our hearts are heavy and our hands are counter weights A newton's cradle where the bounce back comes in spades Say your prayers with a mouth So dried and cracked from kissing your own ass Hopeless and hopeful are two words the same Opposites attract in the strangest of ways We pull for forgiveness, but we push truth away But one day the answers will find us again Close my eyes and sleep
Miami Sand 02:27
You cling onto life like it's all that there is On this tip of a knife. No family or friends Is this all that you wanted? Is this all that you planned? Traded youth for a company, traded soil for sand Down Bow down Take a handful of memories and this Miami sand You worked for your paradise but you still need the land Trade the truth another day, trade this oil for cash Is that blood on your bank account from the market you crashed? The market you crashed Yeah the market you crashed Is that blood on your bank account From the market you crashed? Freedom and justice The American way Capitalism, we've all got to pay Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin But by the corporate backers and bankers they grin Stacking their bonuses higher as our ship starts to sink They sacrifice the children, to save their own skin No more! No more! I know the bell tolls for everyone And God will judge your deeds, the good left undone And I contently say that you won't just get away Only the law protects you, not justice per say
Drain all the water from the ocean and pour it into buckets on a wall And when the earth shakes watch them fall Watch them fall, watch them fall There are times when I can't see through my own eyes At the bottom of the deep blue sea I saw a shiny mirror showing parts of me And in the end I saw exactly what I thought I'd see Another person who had lived my life instead of me Trace this back to you Drain all the sympathy from innocence and pray that the heavens rain forgiving us Of all the darkest we do All we do, all we do, all we do I rest my feet on sacred ground Come set me free From myself, from myself, from me! Come set me free From myself, from myself, Lord save me from me!
Sitcom 02:23
Nothing is built to last Holding my breath, but I'm fading fast With my leg shattered in the cast All my bones are the actors From shows of the past Wait til the season returns Wait til the network reverse the adjourned I never said I would last They let this ship sail, but tore down it's mast And the hull is a thin pane of glass One hit from the coral, and we're sinking fast Wait til the captain arrives Wait til the captain arrives Wait til the crew sacrifice all their lives And retell their tale to their wives Dead men tell no tales They slip secrets to sharks and whales But dead men tell no lies The kiss of life as they say their goodbyes I never said I could pay so government took me and sent me away But I swore on that painful day I'd make enough money to make them all pay Wait til they exit their homes Wait til they exit their homes Wait til the cards are all shown Just wait til they exit their homes
Deaf Ears 03:36
Gather round and say goodbye Do your best to try to try This grave follows me around Awake from the dream, have I just seen hope? Gather round and build a home This deathly mess of skin and bone Trade the money for the innocence It's not the action, but how you live And if I'm to hear the truth God forgive me, for I am deaf I called the doctors to diagnose my head They all had opinions but I was still dead I called in the chaplain to give my last rights But he couldn't hear me or see me for the lights I am alive I have not died just yet Don't give up on me Revive, revive


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An album of intense emotion coupled with aggressive instrumentation.
An experiment in recording techniques and vocal delivery.


released May 8, 2015

All instruments by Brendan Horn.
Mixed, recorded and produced by Brendan Horn.
Artwork by Brendan Horn & Chris Dewar.


all rights reserved


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