Tall Folk

by Small Folk

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Losing Sight 03:14
VERSE 1: Losing sights of my home town Losing sight of the friends that I once called foes Losing sight of the hard ground Losing sight of the place where we all must go CHORUS: When they lay my body down Make them bury me deep down into the ground May you mourn my passing soul Recognise that there are things way beyond our control VERSE 2: Losing sight of my home town Losing sight of the dangers I once called friends Losing sight of my family Losing sight of the worst of my darkest of sins
Feel 03:43
VERSE 1: Feel it multiply like numbers do or clouds in sky Feel it simplify, a thousand wings but nothing flies CHORUS: Breathe in this fragile air Just keep it safe, just whilst you can And see it, the picture whole Don't gain the world, but lose your soul VERSE 2: Steal a little time To stay with me and feel alive Just feel the night arrives So young at first then old and wise VERSE 3: Feel it all divide To us or them, to live or die And hear me testify No purple heart is afraid to die
Ghosts 03:49
VERSE 1: One last time, I swear I am Never coming down again I swear, I swear One last time I said I will Never be content with anywhere I swear VERSE 2: Trust me when I say to you All I hear is nothing but complaints I swear Never in a thousand years Could a million reasons be explained I swear CHORUS: Ghosts can haunt me all they like Cause I found purpose to my life They visit me throughout the night Spirits sailing at great height
Wedding Song 05:30
VERSE 1: Hoping for the best Best be hoping loud now Secrets in a dress Mother feeling so proud Walking down the aisle Holding back the tears Today be the best Best day in 3 years PRE CHORUS: You've waited so long to find a family and home And now it's finally here, you'll never be alone CHORUS: Sometimes you get what you want Sometimes you get what you need VERSE 2: Looking in the past Never looked attractive The past is in the past The future is what's active Holding back the night Holding back the tears Tomorrow never comes The present is what's here
VERSE 1: Hold my breath and dig deep down It's dark down here, deep underground Hold my chest, my heart beats slow The dirt is warm, beneath the snow VERSE 2: Hold it in and I explode Like I.E.Ds or volcanos Truth be told I lack the nerve To run right in, I always swerve CHORUS: I believe in you Despite what eyes can see This life is tainted By negativity (so I say) I believe in you Despite what words they say It's not so difficult I know the price you paid BRIDGE: Every season has it's time Appointed by some grand design In sickness and in atrophy You have always seen through me No wasted days, no clever lies Have ever added to my life But one true thing exists in time Someone gave their life for mine
VERSE 1: My filthy dirty hands Stretched out to touch the wire That separates my soul My filthy damaged heart Leaned backwards from the liar To keep or lose control VERSE 2: This filthy dirty land Seems endless all the time But one day it will end And back into the ground We all go hand in hand We'll all end up as friends In the end CHORUS: I'm as scared as you're pretending not to be Terrified by what this all could mean We're just flames that are just flickering in the breeze Terrified of losing everything


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A short collection of folk and country songs.


released May 8, 2015

All instruments by Brendan Horn.
Mixed, produced and recorded by Brendan Horn.
Artwork by Unknown Artist and Chris Dewar.


all rights reserved


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