Tell Tales​/​Standing Stones A

by weakmadewhole

You turn me on and off like a light globe shining at the sun You assure me that I'm pointless, but surely I've got one A single pixel on a screen that flickers back and forth I'm a highly poisonous snake with no teeth and no bite I'm just another busted light globe but with no filament or light Another obtuse angle waiting to be set right CHORUS: Oh my hands. Steady on the wheel as we go down We're sinking ship without the misfortune of running aground Oh my heart. Beating like a drum inside my chest I'm a wayward son, corrected by the He who does know best It's a sticky situation, a rock and a hard place I'm so terrible at poker, I don't have a straight face Father forgive me and pour out this mourning's portion of grace Shut up, shut up! And leave me in my place Everybody's dying, it's just at a difference pace The eternal endless struggle of light and dark we chase
One day a perfect stranger called out to me by name And my reply was somewhat shocking and so painfully blase I'd rather sit in silence than repeat those things again Rather suffer for a moment than live a life of eternal shame Oh the things that I could confess Guilty as a sinner stealing single breaths And my heart beats drum beats in my chest Oh the things that I could confess Guilty as a sinner stealing single breaths And my heart beats like a drum beat in my chest CHORUS: (I am no beginning, I am the end) I was old wine, poured out into new skins And typical me, oh I ruined everything I'm my own worst enemy, but I'm my only friend I never was the beginning, all I know is how to end CHORUS 2: I was old cheese, expired and foul And the maker discarded me, oh he wrapped me in a towel Just like Jonah I was thrown into the deep blue sea And all the fish smelled me coming, and all avoided me I listen to music and hear that old refrain Like the twinkling of sleigh bells, or the taste of sugar cane The sweetness and the sound, snow covering the ground But I live in Australia where none of this is found Ah the humidity and the heat, oh still blistering my feet As I stand on heated asphalt and my souls they start to bleed But if I worked in an office I'd have a cooler head Oh but work is just work, a means to make an end
Sell me more medicine for I am unwell From the height of the heavens to the very depths of hell All creation knows the driest of dry spells An old and familiar face with an old familiar tell My forehead so hot with fevered dreams Like the bookshelf in the corner, a chipped and faded green You remind me of the ocean, always moving, always blue And there's nothing left but living, what else is there to do? CHORUS: I kept my hands held tied behind Behind my back Behind my bride I kept my secrets locked inside I'm the epitome of sin The main of which is my pride This is my, this my confession This is my, this my confession I lay out the mic stand, and open my book It's full of funny phrases and it's always worth a look To see who I was when I penned those fateful words On the pages of a notebook, these nouns become my herds And in the margins I see my prayers of singleness Raptured up to heaven in a blaze of married bliss My burden these days is much more different than before Be careful what you wish for, especially if it's more
1985 03:06
I'm having a flashback to a time I wasn't there The guys had bushy moustaches, and the girls would perm their hair Success was always money and money moved the miles The year was 1985 and 4 years before my time We're always moving backwards in our search for something new One day we'll trade our cellphones for comfy wooden pews And sing songs about the empire and hymns about the truth Stop looking in your textbooks, start looking at the proof 1985, oh 1985 what glorious year for us to be alive These kids were only children, their parents taking sides Making messes of the future, amidst their compromise 1985, oh 1985, I'd prefer 2015 when I'll be 25 And my life will be a vessel for you to feel alive Born 1989 but I'm sure I've just arrived We're all keys on a piano, our pitch defines our length And the master writes the music, it's he who provides the strength I'll strum the guitar, and we'll write a brand new song You've been singing it for years, but it didn't seem that long The bell tolls for every man, I'm no sexist, it's a phrase Just like "sun" sounds like "son", not the daughter passing days We're all guilty like a liar, caught out by his own lie We're all guilty like a traitor, we're "men" of compromise 1985, oh 1985 in the middle of 80s where man is glorified How little has changed, such things we have devised To try to run from saving our tiny little lives
By My Name 03:37
My boat is sinking at the docks All my doors are left unlocked Water soaking in my socks My hands unsteady at the wheel Failed to keep an even keel Legs are only good to kneel CHORUS: I guess you'd call me restless, restless I guess you'd call me I guess you'd call me useless, useless I thought you'd call me by my name My boat is sinking at the docks Hearing praises from the rocks All the onlookers just mock Lost my compass to the waves Lost my youth to many days And soon I'll lose my life, and all I've worked for to the grave
One day I received a brown paper box It was full of paper clips, foreign coins and some rocks It was marked "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THE END OF DAYS" And had a record of my wrongs, written out with rage and praise So I went out to the woods with a camera and some film and took photos of the forest so the glory goes to Him The creator of the birds, all the foliage and the trees Sent me a small brown package to bring this sinner to his knees CHORUS 1: Trust me when I say "I'm not worth trusting" Stole a letter from your house when I was there dusting My conscience and I, we don't see eye to eye So trust me when I say "I'm not worth trusting!" One day I took a shell from an ear ring in your ear I was away from fear but I felt him come back oh so near I reluctantly caved and took the selfish from the saved And retreated to your bedroom through the window where you waved I saw your bed was undone, a victory unwon I took your simple sea shell and put it back where it came from I'm a scoundrel at his best, empty in the chest Sneaking pictures from the cupboard in the morning whilst you dress CHORUS 2: Trust me when I say that I'm not worth trusting Took the coins out of your purse when I was done busking Honest honesty died, and I didn't cry So trust me when I say that I'm not worth trusting CHORUS 3: Trust me when I say that "I'm not worth trusting" Tin man am I cause I'm getting rusty Singing in the rain, that old sweet refrain Trust me when I say that "I'm not worth trusting"
Ten Years 05:06
Ten years now I've been singing these songs And though it seems so long I know we're all come along A long, long way from where we were in those days And we're not the same people we were No, not even close I'd say Ten years now who I was to who I am And you've changed to, which is not necessarily bad Living becomes a cycle, we become more like our dads Which in some cases is not ideal Which to me is rather sad We can never replace you, but we're sure gonna try Ten years now and I have gotten it all wrong I've been living my life singing simple melodies not singing songs But one day I'll sing, hear the words I lack within And the brightness of this world will grow distant and grow dim Ten years now, I will flicker, I will fade And my tiny little life will be buried by a spade The hope I have in Jesus, the hope I haven't caved That my tiny little life can lead to others being saved


released January 29, 2015

Artwork by Chris Dewar.
All instruments performed by Brendan Horn.
Extra guitars on Typical Interlude by Dave Scotland.
All songs copyright Brendan Horn 2014-2015.
Originally released January 29, 2015.


all rights reserved


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